Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Arrival at the Mexico City MTC

August 15, 2013, 9:59 p.m. 

Hey Family!
Guess who actually gets to contact her family the first day in being in the MTC. ME! Also Im gonna apologize right now for my bad grammar. This keyboard is different and I cant find the question mark apostrophe ect. Well today was a busy day as you know. After being up at 2 30 I was basically a grumpy mess all day. Im sorry I showed little to no emotion this morning, but i knew once i started crying i wouldnt stop. I didnt start! all thanks to the cute girl in the st. george airport who talked to me and bore her testimony and all that fun stuff she was really supportive, i dont know her but i love her haha. so after the st g flight i met an elder serving in my mission and i follwed him to his terminal.. WELL he was flying to phoenix and i was flying to texas. I almost missed my flight! haha but then i met some nice young elders who were one the same flights as me there on out. They were young and i kinda felt like their mom haha. the dallas flight had a crying baby the whole time, right in front of me! so that was unfortunate. my trip to mexico was fine, nothing too crazy, i got two seats to myself. But at the airport when we were waiting for the missionaries from other cities Big Time Rush came through(that was for you Liz) it was pretty cool. Well Im here now, dont have much else to report. The city of Mexico City is glorious. I wish i had more to share but my letter time is taking away from my dinner time haha I dont know my P day yet so be patient haha my companion is Lexi Lister (the only girl from that fb group that i am friends with. cool) haha I love you, plEASE SEND THIS AROUND. lOVE ALWAYS
Hermana Groves
ps i dont have permission to read my other emails so im sorry that i didnt respond

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