Friday, September 13, 2013

Meeting Hermana Suaste

This is a picture from last week when we met with out branch presidents wife, Hermana Suaste, she taught us about femininity and keeping modest in the mission. It was all in spanish but I got the gist of it. I also volunteered to play the piano because none of the other sisters could, Presidente mentioned me being able to play so now I'm afraid I'm playing in sacrament meeting. The Hermanas in the picture we befriended and loved them. Hermana LeBlanc, Hermana Taylor, me, Hermana Suaste, Hermana Blankinshiff, Hermana Phipps, and Hermana Lister. These girls were in our branch and just left. It was really a heartbreaker for us because we have to start at square one again and make friends to sit with at dinner. The Elders have it so easy, they can sit with each other every meal, but lucky for the no opposite gender at the same table we have to start fresh every time our friends leave. We also made friends with their district so it was an emotional day, saying goodbye to them.

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