Friday, September 13, 2013

Week 3

Well if it hasn't been 7 days.Oh the people who are dear to me, this week has been pretty basic? Haha I don't know what else to say except it was pretty average. We've basically been the homeless "family" aka district because we have been moving from available classroom to available classroom due to our broken door and our dwindling patience for the constant wind and mosquitoes. Basically I'm becoming friends with all of the bugs because we hang out together all day every day. The food is actually growing on me. The other day I literally was craving a meal I had here (no not pizza) and guess what, it wasn't food you would necessarily fight for. The food isn't changing, but my tastebuds are.

My spanish is not coming so hot. I'm learning a little, but i think I'm losing more knowledge. My english spelling/words are disappearing! help me. haha Hermana Lister and I made some friends with some sisters in our district and they are hilarious. Hermana Taylor, Hermana Phipps, Hermana LeBlanc and Hermana Blankinstaff(something like that) keep us on our toes at meals and during gym. Weve actually come to love their district more than ours because their elders actually talk to us opposed to ours, who only talk to us when they need a tie breaker (like who is the better athlete or team) so usually I dont get talked to much because my professional sport knowledge is very limited. I was almost shunned from the district for not having a football team (thanks mom and dad ;) Actually scratch that, in every addition of "Late night with Elder Hill" they always ask me for the feminine perspective on things. So at least they think I'm a girl. As far as fun goes, we were learning commands yesterday and Hermana Saucedo had this game for us that was probably the funniest thing ever. It was like a combination of truth or dare/spin the bottle (no kissing but you literally had to spin the bottle) so you spin the bottle and the end with the lid pointing the person gets to give a command (basically a dare) to the person on the other end of the bottle. It was hilarious. They were commanding each other to sing hymns to other districts and dance like monkeys. I was literally crying I was laughing so hard. Oh the little joys of the 1 fun thing we do a day ;) haha I don't think I have anymore fun news..
This past weekend Hermana Listers great grandpa passed away, she got to call her parents and her grandma. I was kinda jealous, but under those circumstances I would have rather not gotten to call my family. It was really hard on her, I know it, but still she doesnt really open up to me, so I just had to read her face for an answer. But I knew that she was going to be okay, as members of the church it is such a blessing to know that after death we will live again. That is a principle that I am so excited to teach in the field. Its so reassuring to know that we will see our loved ones again after life. I am grateful to have this knowledge.

Today we went to the temple and it was such a humbling experience, I know my spanish is bad, but just having the spirit with you and answering your prayers in the house of the Lord is a huge blessing. Last week or so we had a lesson on specific prayers and this week I really applied it to my life. I started my morning and nightly prayers with the thought "what if what you prayed about yesterday were the only things you had left today?" Try this. It will make your prayers more sincere and also it will bring you closer to the Lord. This week my prayers have been so long just because I have been naming off the people in my life. I have literally named off every family member (including cousins spouses and extended family like that) every friend I ever had, my house, good food. Literally everything I did not want to lose the next day. It was an eye opener and really made me grateful for all the amazing people I have in my life. I am truly blessed. My gratitude today is through the roof. I am feeling a constant feeling of comfort and I really just cannot stop thinking about how blessed I am. I love you all and hope you are having a great week. I have sent out over 30 letters and Im convinced not 1 of them have been received yet. Because it takes so long to get here don't send any mail here after this Thursday. I love you and hope to hear from you soon!

Love always,

Hermana Groves

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