Saturday, October 5, 2013

September 30, 2013

Well guys, everyone was right. You never know what to expect from the first week in the mission field. But before I even get in the field I'll give you the happs on before that (sorry for the repeat to the family that got my letter).  After a long morning in the Mexico airport (where no one would even make eye contact with us or help us with the payphone), I got the phone to work and was able to talk to mom for a little while, which was exactly what I needed because I was worrying WAY too much. After arriving in Texas everyone else was calling their parents, I on the other hand, could not because it wasn't accepting my card. While everyone was on the phone and calling their parents I was just sitting around waiting for President Ashton or Sister Ashton to come and was just sitting down. I started (attempting is more like it) talking to this Mexican lady.  She was very sweet, and I started talking to her about religion and actually got her to agree to try and read the Book of Mormon and truly pray about it. Apparently my charm is what talked her into that, so I’m glad I still got somethin' ;) Haha, what can I say, old ladies love me! So I placed a Book of Mormon at the airport and my confidence was pretty high. We met up with the others (the English speakers ick, jk), and there was only one other sister.  She was a visa waiter (who is now in Victoria, lucky.) So that first day we just went to the mission office and familiarized ourselves with it and went to the mission home for dinner and testimony meeting. The real American food (enchiladas, made by someone in the president's ward) was the best thing I had eaten in 6 weeks. Honestly. So after our long day of travel, we sisters went with the married missionaries to stay at their apartment for the night until we got placed with our companions the next day. The Sanders without a doubt remind me of Grandma Pat and Grandpa Ted. They are very loving and I like them.

The next day I was assigned my companions. That's right, companions. I have two. We're a tripanionship. I have Hermana Carlson, who is from Idaho and is about to hit her year mark. She is fluent and is so patient with me,  and then I have Hermana Watkins from Vernal, UT, she reminds me so much of Tara (my cousin for those not in the family), and the way she talks about her family they remind me of Suzie and Shannon and their family. She's also very good at Spanish but her testimony is out of this world. Seriously I am going to learn so much from these girls. I can tell this is going to be a very healthy companionship because we're very open and we do try to work hard with one another, and they are constantly building me and my spirits and hopefully vice versa. So far so good.

We are in the Houston 1 West area which isn’t a bad part of town we're limited to a few apartment complexes though due to the amount of Spanish speakers in our geographical area. We have an investigator who was baptized a few weeks ago and still hasn’t received the Holy Ghost. It’s hard because the church isn’t within walking distance, but we've arranged rides for him, and he just forgets (he has a very strong drug background) so we're really discouraged by that. And we have a few other investigators that I’m getting really excited about. But I want to tell you guys that you have GOT to help the missionaries. We aren’t tracting any more in this area and so we are only teaching by referrals. Member lessons are also a main focus so please let the missionaries in for 5 minutes, or offer to give a less active a ride, have the missionaries over for dinner. If you have the time go out on visits with them. We are all here to do the Lord's work. So I ask you all to please think of me, and the other missionaries you know and help them by helping the missionaries serving in your areas. We're trying our hardest and praying our hardest. Do it for me... pleaassee?

I want you all to know how much I love you and how much you mean to me. Sometimes I feel discouraged but then I think of all of you and think to myself "You are sacrificing your time with them, so why not make it worth the time you are spending. You are with your family forever, go out there and help their families be together forever". I hope you all have a good week and keep doing good out there in the world. Do me a favor, watch conference and tell me about your favorite talk and how it applies to you in your life. I love you guys!!

Love always,

Hermana Groves

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