Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week 4: Breaking up is hard to do...

Hey my loving people! This week, like all the others was quite a week. Where to begin? Well, I'll start with just my studies today so bear with me. Our president has asked us to read in the Bible starting with Matt, Mark, Luke to learn more about Christ, and I'm in Matthew right now. Read Matt. 14 and just think about Christ's love for John the Baptist.  Then think of His love for us.  Also think of how even though Christ was in pain, he went out and served.

So, this week my beloved Hermana Watkins was taken away from me. What the heck?  I was crying like a baby for like 3 days.  Haha.  What happened was, one of the sisters in our district was a Temple Square sister, and they stay for a transfer and a half, and are replaced by other Temple Square sisters, but they didn't replace her with a Spanish speaker.  SO we got a call on Wednesday at 3, telling us that Hermana Watkins had to be all packed up and at the mission office by 5. We were in shock. Especially since she's my "mom" here (they call your trainer your mom and you're supposed to stay with them for your first 12 weeks…) (Hermana Carlson is my great grandma because she trained Hermana Watkins' "mom."  It's very complicated,  haha.) But no. She's with Hermana Shill now. Luckily we're still in the same district and ward, so we see her maybe 2 or 3 times a week.

Hermana Carlson is a sister training leader for another zone,  so she goes on exchanges twice a week. There is a major problem with this that gives me major anxiety. Hermana Carlson's sisters are all English speakers. I have  to take over the area twice a week with sisters who don't speak Spanish.  Don't cry for me; I already cried for myself. Haha. But on Saturday I was lucky enough to make special arrangements for a native Spanish speaker to come with me because the Victoria sisters (who Hermana Carlson went with) wanted to stay together that night because they had an important appointment. So also I drove to El Campo(halfway to Victoria). Driving back with no gps. I drove on the Houston freeway. Freeway. City. I am a new woman.

So me and my 2 day companion Hermana Beltran really bonded. She was from New York and really helped me with my Spanish. Can I just say I not only led, but basically gave 3 lessons on my own this weekend. In Spanish. Yeah hold the applause please. It was still broken Spanish, but my favorite investigator Ramon committed to baptism when I extended the invitation. Holla!!! So this week was a good one for my Spanish I'd say. It's hard though,  because I've really been praying for the love that the Savior has for my investigators and it's hard. I am feeling it, but my heart literally breaks when they don't keep a commitment and things like that. My heart aches, and I never would have thought that to be the situation.

Yesterday at church the Houston temple president and his wife came and Hermana Carlson had to translate on the spot in church. She did great and I was so jealous. Seriously.  One day that will be me!

My cat lady rep lives on. We have a cat that just lives in our complex and one day last week I meowed at it, as a JOKE. BUT, it didn't take it as a joke. It comes to our car when we pull up, waits by our door when we exercise in the morning and even looks through our open windows. What have I done? It's like I can't even where my cat shirt around because I'm afraid it'll give it the wrong idea!

One of our investigators Marichuri finally opened her door (for the first time with me, she had been taught previously).  She's progressing really well, and I'm excited for her.  I've really grown to love her.

Hermana Groves and Hermana Watkins

On the road with Hermana Carlson

Hermana Groves and Hermana Beltran
I would also like to give a shout out to Grandma Glenda and Grandpa Lloyd for the great package with the homemade bread that was eaten within 20 minutes of opening it, and also a shout out to Staci and the Groves side for the cute Halloween notes! The package was torn up and the only remains they had were the notes and one tootsie roll taped to the package. Thanks for all your love and support, I pray for you all! Have a great week and keep the faith! :)

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