Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Miracles happen!

January 20th, 2015

First off... CONGRATULATIONS to Jess and Tyler :) Can't wait to claim my title as bridesmaid! In comparison to that my week was lame.. Even though it was pretty good. So let's just get this bad boy rolling.
There was zone meeting on Tuesday and because I'm over the sisters from my old zone I went to their zone meeting. I have no idea who the missionaries are in my zone. Whatever, I guess someday we'll find out. Haha but I had to do a training on teaching skills and I just.. I don't know my role play of it was good but.. I had a rough go of the actual training aspect. Nothing says humble pie like stuttering over your words. But it was a really good experience. Public speaking has never really been a problem for me so I think Heavenly Father just wanted to remind me who gave me that spiritual gift. Haha. But it was really good. We were reminded of our purpose of missionaries the first being loving one another and treating people as children of God. I loved it. 
We got our new area up and moving this week. I was able to visit some of the members that I knew from before like the Morales and Mariana Lyra but also we got to visit the familia Avalos :) They remember me! Well for the most part haha. They all told me I don't look as fat anymore. Don't worry, hispanics do not have filters. The other Hermanas also took us to meet their investigators that we gained. These people are so prepared! It's awesome, they've done a great job at teaching them and helping them to know the purpose of our visits. That makes things so much easier when they know we're not just there to sit and chat. Flor, Antonio and Carmen are all really awesome and I can't wait to work with them more. 
We accidentally dropped in on a birthday party at the bishop's house and we got to meet some non members, that was cool! We stopped by a less active's house and they sat us down to eat and told us all the things they hated about the church. Including us. The elders handed us off a person to teach, she's really awesome, she's working towards her citizenship. She's passed the written test 3 times but she can't do the verbal test, so we're helping her with her pronunciation. She's super cute! 
We were able to watch the CES devotional from last week with the YSA's from the ward. It was really good! There was a part where it talked about doing things for the right reason and observing the whole situation of things. It was so good, I'll just send you the link :)
Yesterday we had a meeting with the leaders of the mission so we were on exchanges. Hermana Hull wanted me to meet someone that she thought that I knew. So we walked up to this door that I had never knocked before and knocked. The door opened and Angelica Rodriguez started jumping up and down and gave me this big hug and was kissing me on the cheeks and started crying saying "I lost touch with you, but I never want to do that again!" so then we went on to teach her a lesson and she said "If I wasn't catholic, I'd be mormon because of your example" ummm.. What? That was as she continually called me Madeline and tried to set me up with her nephew that's coming to visit them. It was a really cool experience because she remembered everything, and she still had a strong testimony of it. So I got bold, the spirit told me I had to be bold, so I was, I invited her to be baptized before I go in 3 weeks. And guess what. She said that as she starts to listen to the missionaries again she will be baptized. We then had to go, but she just gave me a giant hug and kissed my cheeks again and just wouldn't let go of my hand as we walked to the door. I miss this woman so much. My whole mission would be complete if she got baptized before I go. 
And yesterday, after working with the Cervantes for a long time they invited a friend to come listen to the discussion. It was well worth it after our dinner at Sam's club. haha. The spirit was so strong in that lesson. I almost started crying. 
Today Hermana Hull and I are going on exchanges again. Margarita is going through the temple and she wants me to be there.. Because I was the one that baptized her.. I can go :) So we're ending Pday early to go. Totally worth it. 
This week had all the great miracles I have been begging for for the past few weeks. Missionary work is so awesome. I love ya'll and hope you have a great week. Keep strong and carry on!

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