Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I'm dreaming of a white...Christmas...

December 15th, 2014 

The person who wrote that song HAS to be from Utah but spending their Christmas in Texas, because it's literally 75 degrees outside right now. Haha. 

Can I just tell you guys that this week was really awesome!! We experienced quite the miracle week. obviously we got 5 new investigators which isn't very easy in this area, but it all came from tracting. I have never tracted before in my whole mission, but Elder Hudson suggested it the other day in district meeting. I was able to gain a really strong testimony of tracting. We only spent a couple of hours doing it and almost 90% of the people who opened their doors invited us back (most of them were English speaking, we gave those referrals away) and a few even gave us referrals! It was truly a miracle! I keep telling Hermana Call that I'm going to endorse tracting for the rest of my mission, because sometimes the people aren't outside, and you've tried all the formers but Heavenly Father knows the desires of your heart, as you get bold and put yourself out there and define your purpose with everyone you meet you feel like you are fulfilling what the Lord has in store for you. I know that this truly can be the BEST time in my mission if I truly continue to put my trust in the Lord. 

We also tried chalking a few places. We were getting the sidewalk by a busy street and this lady stopped at the light looked out the window and said "Oh my gosh, that is so creative, I love that you are focusing Christmas on Christ, my husband and I have been looking for a church truly centered on Christ! Where are you located?" so I quickly gave her the coordinates of our building and told her the english services started at 9, I don't know if she came, but we planted a seed there! 

Yesterday a man who we gave a card when he was on his phone texted us and asked for the address of the church and the time. He came and stayed all 3 hours! The elders said that when he introduced himself in priesthood he said he felt really good.  Heavenly Father has been blessing us left and right. We also had a lesson with a niece and nephew and law of one of our less actives yesterday, the spirit was so strong as we taught the plan of salvation/my family and testified to them that they would see his sister (who just barely died at 18) again. They were both crying saying they knew what we were saying was true. 
Heavenly Father really loves us and is blessing us in ways that I honestly cannot describe more than the fact I just feel His love so much!

We've been doing the 12 days of Christmas with the members that live in our area and the 12 gifts are the articles of faith, we cut out a paper tree and every day we are brining them something to decorate the tree with. It's really cute, the families are getting really excited and focusing Christmas on the gifts that Heavenly Father has given us. I LOVE IT! 

On Saturday Jessica and Rosaurio from my old area stopped by to see me. It was so awesome to see them and talk and read in the scriptures with them. I look at them and I feel Christ's love for them, which is still something I'm working on. 

Okay also something funny, on monday we had a zone activity (like usual) and usually we end up playing "one bounce" (well our district and the other hermanas in my old area) which consists of passing the ball back and forth but allowing it to hit the ground only once.. Well.. Hermana Hull, Elder Anderson and I started a new trend. This game is hilarious. "One bounce" with our hands taped together. It was so fun almost everyone joined in. My legacy will live on in the THSM because I came up with this game and everyone loves it. Haha that was the excitement with that. It was hilarious. Just imagine it please. Haha I loved it. We also got to go to the Galleria. Totally overpriced and overrated. But a good time! Also had exchanges with Hermana Endicott. Party. Haha. Well I hope you all had a great week and keep having a good Christmas season. 

I love you!

Hermana Groves

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