Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Happy week of Christmas!! I hope that everyone is having a great time prepping for the holidays, as for us we're just doing the normal thing but wearing our Christmas sweaters around the house.. We can't wear them in public, so we may as well get jolly within our 4 walls, right? Right. 
It's always the week that I don't have a lot of emails to respond to that I can't think of anything to write...Why is that? Well I'll think of something good, so everyone buckle up and prepare for the best Christmas email of your life.. 

This week started out slow (per usual) because Monday's are hard days to find and the members who love us are doing family home evening.. So yeah. Tuesday was a pretty hoppin' day. We had district meeting and I then went on exchanges with Hermana Johnson (who's from Bryce Valley, turns out we know a few people in common) in the area where Hermana Lister used to be. It was a really good exchange, I was able to learn a lot from her. She's a very obedient missionary and works really hard.  She has such a good attitude and I just loved being with her, she's fairly new to the mission but she knows her stuff. I can't wait to see where she is in a year. We went with this investigator to a ward activity and she drove us there.. The way there I felt like I was on a roller coaster she was going crazy and the way back we were going turtle slow! What she said on the way back "I like to drive slow, it's a lot safer that way" it was just really ironic. So this activity was supposed to be a Christmas activity but it ended up being like a presentation thing.. So all the kids moving from Nursery to primary were presented and then all going from primary to the youth were presented as well. We asked her how she liked it and she said "Man I just love how you center Christmas on Christ" haha it was in that moment we realized the she's basically deaf, so.. at least she felt the spirit of Christmas in our church.. right? haha It just cracked me up. 

Wedesday the Tacams wanted to take us out to dinner so Hermano told us he had a friend to introduce us to (we can't go eat outside our area unless members are inviting their friends) we got super pumped! We pull up to Cici's pizza okay? We're excited cause Hermano Tacam's got someone to introduce us to.. We go inside and he says "Hermanas... I would like to introduce you to a good friend of mine, the buffalo chicken pizza at Cici's." we were like "What? Are you kidding me!?" haha hopes were all gone.. But it's alright, because later we tried that man Julio(who came to church) and we were able to teach him and set up a return appointment for the next day! Cool huh? It was! That night we tracted some doors and met this cool lady named Maria, she also invited us back the next day. Success!

So obviously we were able to teach them both the next day, Julio was super cool he had lots of deep questions and we could tell he was interested. Hna Sorto came with us and she said "aren't you excited to go back to Guatamala and be a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?" and he said "I will definitely be excited when that day comes" holllla! This guy is ready!

Friday was a super special day for me. I was able to go to the temple with Wilson!!! Wilson got to go through the temple and he requested that I be there :') it was a super happy day! Too bad it was raining cats and dogs, but nonetheless it was so awesome. I just wanted to cry I was so happy for him. But I was actually supposed to go to a meeting that day but President excused me cause he wanted me to go to the temple.. It was for all Sister Training leaders/district leaders/ zone leaders and so my district leader saw that I wasn't there ( i got permission from my president.. didn't need it from my district leader).. tried calling our phone (but it was off cause we were in the temple) and basically was super worried. So finally at the end of the day he called like he always does and told us he had a mini heart attack until he talked to president.. He was like "where are my sisters? what happened to them?" he wasn't even mad. Just concerned. We always make jokes that he's our mom. He totally is. We got to make papoosas with the familia Orellana in our ward that night. We killed it. I'm totally opening up a papoosaria when I get home. Watch out, I'm totally pro. 

Saturday was our ward christmas party. Julio came! And One of the elder's creepy investigators Roberto came too. We had to be with him cause the elders were late and he was complementing us and asking me how to say it in English to make him sound more exotic. How bout no. This fool. Haha don't worry. I've only gotten better at putting creepy men down on my mission. Why can no normal men try? I don't know. Great question. Anyways Elder Balls got to be Santa and the kids were upset when they weren't allowed to sit on his lap. Missionary probs haha. 

Read Jacob 5 this week and actually made more sense in Spanish. Fancy that.
Anyways I can't wait to speak with you guys on Christmas! I love you all! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

"started from the bottom now we're at the temple" with wilson

Ward party with WML

Sharing the gift with our school class

feliz navidad

(I wanted a cuter picture for my christmas card but my comp didn't like it of her) 

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