Monday, December 1, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :)

December 1st, 2014

Seasons Greetings to all those within reading distance. 

Can you believe that it's already December? Where the heck did the time go?! I basically heard that the highlight of the week was Thanksgiving in Grandma's destroyed house and people having to wash the dishes in the sink. Haha I'm so glad the traditional perfect thanksgiving was broken. Seriously. The crazy makes it that much better :)

So this week was another eventful one in the Texas Houston South Mission. Our car no longer smells like turkey but now smells like sour cream and onion chips... But nasty ones. Haha it doesn't make you crave chips. Just in case you guys were wondering about that.

So lesson wise this week was a little slow but not only were we spiritually fed.... We were physically fed.. a lot. Allie made a joke in her last letter about how that one thanksgiving we weighed ourselves before and after thanksgiving and we gained 10 pounds... Well I gained 10 pounds after my FIRST thanksgiving dinner.. With that being said, we had 2. Hispanic Thanksgiving is not gringo Thanksgiving if you know what I mean. Let me lay this out for you a little bit.. We had a SPICY turkey, rice, beef mixture(or suprise.. haha she said it was her version of stuffing haha) and tamales with some mashed potatoes within the 2 dinners that was completely normal for them. Sometimes it's not hard to miss the holidays while you're on your mission.. because literally they don't feel like the holidays. It's actually pretty lucky! I love it, it's really cool to see how those who aren't from around here try to start their own family traditions.  It was really good we were able to share a nice dinner with the Molinas and the Liburds and really build our relationship with them, so that was good :)

We had our zone conference this week and I feel  like my study went really well. I ended up focussing a lot on faith and sacrifice and how as we truly sacrifice the things that mean the most to us we receive blessings basically out the yin yangs. Maybe I felt like it went really well cause I started crying and basically all the hermanas were crying. Touching them right in their hearts? I believe so.

With it being the end of the month you know that we rode our bikes more than usual.. It was great. I'm seriously so glad they gave us mountain bikes and not street bikes because the city of Houston doesn't even feel bad about just stopping a sidewalk in the middle of a path. (Am I going to start a petition? You betcha! I'll get all those other crazy people out on the sidewalks [other missionaries?] to sign it haha) Anyways we've been trying to use bikes as a way to find people to teach and with the new christmas thing the church is doing... (check out this cute video :) so watch it and #sharethegift We've been able to talk with a lot of people about this. It's so cool.

So we were going around the other day talking to a few people before our dinner appointment with an Hermana in our ward and this dog kept following us around so we were trying to shoo it before we got to her door, Hermana walked out to take out the garbage and was like "who's dog is that?" we said we think it was a stray so what did she do? She took it into her home! It was so adorable to watch her 2 year old daughter play with this dog. She named it Jelly. She's so stinkin cute I couldn't get over it!

Martha had her baby shower this week and only us and a few people from the ward came. We felt super bad because we both only had like 3 dollars left on our cards when she invited us.. So a pack of wipes and a bottle from fiesta will just have to do. Haha. But she was so grateful that we were even there so it was all good. 
Yesterday I beat the champian (Ian Tacam) in memory. His family basically hoisted me up they were so happy. This kid is 7 and has not lost a game of memory in 2 years.. and he knows it. haha So they were so happy when I gave him a taste of losing. Haha

Well I hope that you all had a great week! I love hearing from you all, sorry I don't always respond but I always read. You guys are amazing and I'm lucky to have you in my life. I love being a missionary. It's the best. Have a great week! I love you!!

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