Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 11...BAPTISM!!!!!

My dear family and friends,

Hermana Groves had her first baptism this week!!! Can you believe it? It was great! But a little funny too. Margarita's husband (Sergio) was the one who got to baptize her. It was his very first ordinance and she was baptized 5 times. Yep that's right. The first time he did it right but she didn't go all the way under the water, the next time her clothes didn't go all the way under, and then the next 2 he kept saying it wrong. The last time under her breath, Margarita repeated to him the words that he had to say haha! It was really cold at the church, and I think she was just done being baptized! Haha I got a good laugh out of it haha. But we were there waiting for her in the bathroom when she came out, and she was so relived. Almost the whole ward showed up because she's been investigating the church for so long, she had already formed friendships and everything. It was awesome. But yesterday we ended up staying 13 hours at the church between meetings, the baptism and the Christmas Devotional, so we definitely crashed after planning last night.
This week it has been bitter cold. And by bitter cold I mean like 35 but let me tell you something, when you pack for hot Texas and not cold Texas well you're lacking a little bit in wardrobe. Haha we're freezing! We're supposed to be in proselyting clothes by 8 am for studies, but we definitely put sweats on under our skirts, \ because it's cold haha. I'm sorry to EVERY one that I bragged to about going to the heat. Talk about karma. Last week I went on exchanges with Hermana Lister in her area which is all bike, and we froze our buns off. Okay I froze my buns off because she invested in a coat. Smart woman! Haha okay sorry, this isn't supposed to be all about the weather. You guys have phones; you can check the weather if you want.
Like I said I went with Hermana Lister to her area, we're in the district so we see each other at least twice a week. Guys, I love her. Take back all the complaints I had about her. Let's just say in the MTC I was just being a homesick baby, and she had her own problems too. Apparently that didn't mix well. Because now we're like best friends? Weird how that happens. Anyways I go on exchanges in their area a lot (and we're in the same ward), and they have a golden investigator named Fransisco. He has been learning about the church for 5 months and has read the whole Book of Mormon and the Docterine and Covenants. This guy is awesome. The only problem is he's on probation for 4 years so he can't be baptized. He begged the sisters to let him talk to president. Now he and president are writing a letter to the first presidency to get special permission to be baptized. He's awesome and he has such a light. He says that he's sad that he had to wait 50 years to find the church but he's never going back. He's lost a lot of friends, but he says that "When you're on God's side you always have a friend". I want you guys to all follow in his footsteps and stand up for what you believe in. It's hard but God is always there with us if we just let him in. I hope you all have a good week and keep safe. Love you!

Hermana Groves
P.S. I ate an octopus this week. And sushi. And some Guatamalan food. Keeping it fresh.

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