Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 13 Feliz Navidad!

Feliz Navidad!
I am so excited to say that tomorrow is Christmas! A lot of you have been asking what my plans are and well... First we're going to have a district breakfast at about 8:30 at the church, and after that we go back and start our studies.  Somewhere after studies we get to skype our families (INSERT GIANT SMILE), and then on to proselyting for the rest of the day. We have plans to go with our cute member Yolanda to her work (she watches dogs), and she's going to make us dinner and stuff like that. We're really excited. Yesterday we had a mission wide "party(?)" where we had a zone conference in the morning, a huge lunch, watched a movie, had a talent show, did a live nativity (President's family), and then went our separate ways. It was really fun though. I got to see some girls from Cedar (Megan Pace, Samantha Kunzler and Marie Taylor), so it was really refreshing seeing some familiar faces.
There were some pretty great talents, the Polynesians did the "haka," and the sisters did a dance that goes with it. It was just great. It was nice to just be a little carefree for a few hours. This past week we've had a lot of success with the people we're working with.
We're teaching this girl, Sofia, who's 11.  She's getting baptized in a few weeks, and we're soul sisters. Seriously, we met in the prexistence. When we met we both felt like we had met each other before that. We haven't. She lived in Guatemala before the past few years, and they haven't left Texas since. We met in Heaven, and we bonded. It's awesome. Anyways I can't remember much else that happened this week but the fact that I have such great family who sent me lots of goods. Thanks for all you guys do. I love you all so much! I am so glad to be our here serving the Lord, Christmas is such a great time to remember him and put him in our lives. I know that this is what I'm supposed to be doing, this is the will of God. I know that many blessings come from serving the Lord with all our hearts, might, minds and strength will give us eternal blessings and happiness. Keep the faith and have a FELIZ NAVIDAD!

Love you!
Hermana Groves

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