Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 12 - I'm a big kid now...

Hola Familia,

Seriously, I'm a big kid now. I'm officially out of the 12 week training program but I have good news. I am NOT being transferred, AND Hermana Bonhard and I get to spend Christmas together. Holla! This girl is the bomb, for real. I'm lucky for her cause she puts up with me and we're constantly laughing. 

Okay so we had a pretty good week this week. On Saturday we taught 9 lessons. Which is extreme. For us anyways because some weeks we don't even get 9 lessons.

I have a story that you will all probably laugh at. Hopefully. Because it made me laugh (at an inappropriate time). So we have this lady in our ward who is border-line blind, like she can hardly see anything. She wears sunglasses the majority of the time unless she wants to emphasize something, and she'll take off her glasses and hold them in her hand, shake her head and hold her hands in a "i don't know" kinda way (if that even makes sense), and this lady is bold. I mean, she has to be, if she wants things to get done, she's gotta be bold to get help. Anyways she's one of the only members who will come out teaching with us, and this week she's going to Venezuela, so we thought we'd use her while we can. We took her to this investigators house who has 2 little boys. I hope that's enough of an intro. 

Well we were sitting in on this lesson and one of Zenayda's sons starts crying, so she goes to comfort him, and the other one starts crying. So first of all it's a cry fest, plus the tv is on. Then Hermana Latorrre's phone was dying so it was doing that annoying ringing thing that it does every five minutes when it's dying. She doesn't understand that because she can't read. So she just whips out her phone and just pushes send which calls the last person who called her, us. And we don't answer it. So she slams it shut and starts talking about kids that keep prank calling her. This may not seem chaotic but it was. And the best way I could handle this stress? I busted out laughing. Well, good to see the maturity level on this one has improved, right? haha No. I was super embarassed. The lesson ended up being really good, and once the Spirit was there it didn't leave. 
This week we also helped Yolanda (an 86 year old member who lives alone :( ) decorate her tree. We've been visiting her a lot this transfer and she told us we were like the daughters she never had. I like to think her soul mate died when he was a baby, and that she'll be lucky to meet him when she goes straight to Heaven (cause she will). I know that God's a just God, and he will definitely give her the cream of the crop.

The thing about missionary work is the fact that it is so great and that I get to learn so much. Because no matter the setting you can always come back. I am happy to be a horrible Spanish speaking missionary because it's what God has called me to do. I love you all very much and can't wait to hear from you! And next week my P day is on Tuesday, and then I'll get to skype with the family on Christmas!!! YAY! Okay love you all! 

Hermana Groves

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