Monday, November 24, 2014

It's turkey week! even though we made the only turkey...

So this week we had a pretty solid week. We were able to contact a lot of people that 1. we've never met before or 2. that it's been a long time since we've caught them at home. On Tuesday we were able to meet a young women that lives in our area for the first time! We try her house all the time in various hours of the day but everyone seems to play the "pretend like we're not home" game. LAME. Anyways, she was home and she was SO EXCITED to see us. We had to talk to her outside because her parents aren't members and don't like when the missionaries come over. But she told us she wants to come out teaching with us and that she's missed the missionaries so much. Solid. Best thing ever. 

Later on that day we were at the church waiting for our meeting with the ward mission leader when we saw that Heyley and her siblings were running amuck around the church so we asked them if they wanted to play a game. We were able to play the word of wisdom game and do the temple puzzle and teach about them both. Heavenly Father definitely blessed us with being able to see her,  because we don't teach her anymore because.. well apparently to the mom we're the worst. Whatever I'm over it. (but not really ha)

On Wednesday we were able to make "chochinas"(?) with the Tacam's, they are Guatamalen version of tamales. So we were invited back on Thursday to eat them. YUM!! They were so good! We were finally able to see Hermana Rosa too. She's still crazy as usual but she was actually happy to see us, so that's really good. Later that night we saw Aaron and his sister-in-law Gaudi with a few members. They said they would come to the ward party and to church but still haven't done either. Sadly we think we're going to have to stop teaching them because they are no longer progressing. It really makes me sad, church attendance really kills who we think are progressing investigators. 

On Friday there was MLC and president gave this really awesome training on faith and I somehow have to repeat and aply to my zone this week at zone meeting. yay! It will be really good, they want us to focus on working with members and looking for people with real intent. There's also this really cool iniciative for Christmas called "He is the Gift" we watched part of the video at MLC and I thought it was really good. 

So remember how I'm not one to hang out in the Kitchen? Well we were asked to make a turkey for the ward party on Saturday. Remember how Hermana Call is less of a kitchen lady than I am? Well luckily with the help of Hermana Tacam we were able to bake a turkey and actually make it taste really good. Question though: does everyone crazy stab the turkey? Or is that just a Mexican thing? I just felt like a serial killer, that's all. But our turkey turned out fabulous! But the turkey juice got all over the car and our clothes. YAY. I totally looked like I threw up on my shirt (which doesn't help with the bollemic rumors going around about the sister missionaries, we're not I promise. We just don't eat as much as the elders) so I turned my shirt backwards. Fashion statement? I think yes.But it was really cool because Hermano Sorto (investigator) came to the activity and the next day, church! The ward party was awesome, except for the fact that it's super hard to stop one from dancing to the music they have playing at those things.. but with time.. I'll be able to do so again.

Last but not least, yesterday we were eating lunch at a member's house and she was just talking to us about her life and how she's single again and she wants to get married and all this funny stuff and then in English she says "what has my life come to? I'm talking to the missionaries about my lack of a love life" haha I was literally dying. Because after she said that, she just continued on with her story. I was loving it. 

Oh and to answer your questions about Thanksgiving we'll be eating with a member family. Also the question about the bike, my brakes stopped working, my back tire came off and my chain had something messed up. The list goes on, but I was safe, all of this was bad, but I didn't get hurt, so no harm done. Also I fixed the drain this week. I am my father's daughter. Also shout out to Hermana Bonhard (Megan) for the early Christmas present, my new scripture cases :) and to all of those who gave me a little thanksgiving note :)

So basically that was my week. Pretty enjoyable. I learned some real valuble lessons about life. Haha. I hope ya'll have a great week. Keep strong and carry on! :) 

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