Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Con valor marchemos

March 10

Well, transfer calls came today, and it looks like I'm going to spend my 7 month and my 8 month here in Houston 1 West. Sometimes I don't believe that transfers exist because Hermana Bonhard and I are staying together as well. Haha, we're just living in our own 5 by 6 mile world. I know our area like the back of my hand-- the fastest routes, the bus schedule, the cheapest gas station, and what sidewalks are the worst to ride your bike on. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I spend my whole mission here, because after this transfer I hit halfway. Man. Isn't that just too weird to think about? It is for me. 

We found this really awesome family on Thursday. They accepted a baptismal date the first day we met them and in the first lesson! Not only that, they invited us back Friday and Saturday. Sunday too, but we already had a full night after church, but we're going to see them tonight. They are so cool, it's a mom and her 3 kids. Marlena is the mom, Kimberly is 11, Oliver is 8 and Jashly is 6. This family is adorable. When we ask them questions Jashly always says," The most important is to keep Jesus en our hearts." I wish we could pick up little kids cause I just wanna hug her. 

My birthday was a really good day. We went to target (HOLA!), and I fulfilled my childhood dream of going to the American Girl store. Not gonna lie, it was weird in there. Like a million dolls just staring at you. All I wanted was like a mug or something, to prove to myself? Well doesn't matter.. No one in that store was above the age of like 8. I don't even think there were moms in there, but whatever haha. But Jessica and Giovani had us over for cake, and then Yolanda had us over for dinner and sang me this traditional Mexican birthday song. She said that they sing to only the prettiest girls (I know she was just saying that to flatter me on my birthday, definitely worked. Haha), so that was really cool. The next day Wilson, Rosario, and Sabina (Wilson's girlfriend) had us over for dinner and cake. They got the trick candles and got a good laugh out of me trying to blow them out for like 5 minutes. I kept saying, "I used to play the clarinet! I can blow out candles!" Well, I can obviously also make a fool out of myself to Spanish people, haha. Then yesterday, Yolanda gave me this giant cake. I was given 3 birthday cakes. It was ridiculous. We don't have room for them in our kitchen, let alone our stomachs! Haha. 

Well that's all I can think of for this week, I hope you guys have a great week. Love you!

Hermana Groves

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