Monday, July 21, 2014

February 17

Hello hello everyone!

This past week was Valentine's Day and my 6 month mark on the same day. We really wanted to celebrate my 6 month mark, so we went to "The Madeleine" (for obvious reasons ;).  We definitely thought it was going to be a sit down restaurant-- nope. But it still tasted pretty great. Of course, my 6 month happened to be Single Awareness day. Couples were swarming the place. You cannot be more single than a missionary is on Valentine's Day. Haha ridiculous. So,  that was the highlight of our day because everyone was focused on being couples, and no one answered the door. Don't worry;we made little hand made valentines for every person we teach and just spent all day on bikes riding around delivering them.

We rode the bus a lot this week and met some cool people. Cutest story. This lady came and sat by me, and so I said, "Hi how are you doing?"  She looked at me and did some sign language (she was deaf) and just kinda looked away. I really wanted to try hard to talk to her,  but I didn't know how. So I wrote her a note on the sticky note I had in the back of my planner, and said "Hi I'm Sister Groves. What's your name?" I handed her the note, she read it, looked at me, gave me a hug,  and started crying. It was just proof to me that everyone wants to be talked to; everyone needs to be shown love. I gave her our information and haven't heard from her since, but it was good for me to feel the love that Christ has for each one of us. Also we ran into my future father-in-law twice on the buses today. What luck. We just focused on avoiding him the whole way to where we needed to go. My lanta.

We also found this really cool mother and son who we've taught at least 3 times each and the son Jean Pierre came to church on Sunday.  It was a miracle that he came; he's been going to another church, and for his church they have a soccer team that he's on. He texted us on Saturday night saying that he had a soccer game on Sunday so he actually wasn't gonna be able to come. We prayed that by some miracle he could. He texted us Sunday morning and said that his game was cancelled for some reason that didn't make any sense to him (God) and that no one could pick him up for his church so if he could get a ride to ours he could. Don't worry about it, we didn't even finish reading the text before we found someone to take him. Thank goodness for the young women in the ward. He loves learning but it was a little bonus that the young women were giving him the attention he was probably hoping for. Haha he's a little suave. I'm slightly concerned because I felt like he was like trying to pull the moves on me when he was sitting next to me in church. Haha nothing to worry about, I'm not really into 16 year old boys. Haha.

I hope you all have a great week and that you enjoy President's Day! Be safe,
Hermana Groves

Also we decided to take some pictures as the single cat ladies we are on Valentines Day-- Haha, enjoy!

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