Monday, July 21, 2014

February 24

This week we've taught Wendy and Jean Pierre a few times, but like I've
mentioned before, Jean Pierre is taking classes to be baptized in
another church.  He told us that he doesn't want to disappoint us or
his pastor so he was thinking about doing both. Well, we taught him
that we need the right authority to be baptized,  and our church is the
only one with that authority. He talked to his pastor, and he told him
to be careful with the Mormons because we will try to baptize him,  and
he told him that he can take good things out of the Book of Mormon but
not to believe in it. So he's coming across a time of lots of
confusion. We told him it's not for us that he should want to get
baptized, but for himself and for God, so we told him to pray about
it, sincerely ask for the truth and guard the answer he's given from

One the former old people we used to teach came to church on Sunday
and definitely swiped a Gospel Principles book. (Little did he know we
definitely just hand those out for keeps anyways,  haha) This is the
same old guy who when we taught the 10 commandments he thought adultery
is fornicating,  and fornicating was going to a church that isn't
yours... honestly. haha.

There was a ward party for couples this week, and it was super awkward.
None of the missionaries knew it was just for couples so we all came,
and one of Hermana Lister's investigators has a crush on her and
thought it was a date. Haha. Classic. Can't think of much else that
happened, just running around trying to find people to teach. If you
guys can think of any creative ways to find people to teach,  let us
know. Thanks for all you do. Love you all. Happy Birthday Bub and

Hermana Groves

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