Monday, July 21, 2014

Well, I can always say I was never a pregnant teenager...

March 3

Bahaha! What a great title for my birthday email, right? Haha well,
it's true. Never was, never will be haha. Man, 20 years old... older
than dirt.

So this week was a pretty good one. I went on exchanges with our
sister training leader,  Hermana Steenblick, in a bike area, obviously.
Don't worry,  it was definitely the coldest, wettest day of the week!
Haha,  thought it was gonna be 80 degrees like the day before so I
didn't pack for anything warm. I was wet the whole day anyway,  so I
guess it doesn't matter. My lanta what an adventure, definitely
experienced the missionary stereo type. Was chased by a giant dog on
my bike! Fear not, I am in good enough shape that I just biked as fast
as I could. This one was like a pitbull too.  Obviously, I was fearing
for my life. Haha.

We had a lot of meetings and trips to the mission office this week,  so
we haven't had a whole lot of teaching appointments,  but this week
looks really promising. We also went to Yolanda's work this week to
help her with some plants and stuff like that. She loves her boss and
her job. That house is giant. Seriously. Yolanda is, like, 60, and she's
doing all this manual labor,  like intense plant stuff.  We were tired
out, but she's like a 2nd mom to both of us, and she's so willing to
help us with our job, we figured it's the least we could do.

We have a love/ignore us relationship with a few of the people we
teach.  Some days they want us to come over like 4 times a week,
others, they ignore us like the plague. So if we could get a happy
medium that'd be great. Haha. We're working hard, and we'll see the
fruits of our labors I'm sure.

We started teaching that old man Claudio again.  He actually called us.
So we're really excited about that. And that guy Quincy that I told
you about in December (the guy who stands on the median)? Well,  we
were filling up our car with gas,  and he was trying to help these
people with their car.  They didn't speak English, so Hermana
Bonhard went to go translate for them. He started crying because we
remembered his name and told us that he was being tempted to do
something he shouldn't, and everytime he is tempted he sees us, and we
talk to him. He bore his testimony that he knows that God speaks
through us, and it was a really cool experience. He wants us to call
him every day and just check up on him. We will, cause honestly, we
love him.

Tonight for my birthday we're going to Yolanda's,  and tomorrow Wilson
and Rosaurio are having us over for dinner (and to teach Wilson's
girlfriend...smooth thinking Wilson, smooth thinking.. haha). Besides
that,  we're probably gonna go take a trip to Target and party it up
(cheap sister missionary style haha).

Sorry I don't have more to share. I love you guys have a great week!
Thanks for all the birthday cards and packages. :)

Hermana Groves

ps two weeks ago I cut my own hair and accidently gave myself bangs.
that's why they're pulled back in every picture! haha

With Yolanda after service and what a 20 year old Hermana Groves looks like :)

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