Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Once I stopped spitting missionary profanities...

March 24

Sorry this is later than usual. Usually we go to the office at our apartment complex and email for a half hour (write to president and then do our big emails), and then for the rest of the hour we chat and do that fun stuff. We tried to switch it up today and go to the library first. Well, it just made the day even longer. Haha because we went back to the complex and they were renovating the computer café (booo), so here we are back at the library. Sorry for everyone I was chatting with earlier.

With that being said... Hey everyone! How's your week going? This week was really good! It got super hot really fast though. I swear we were up to 90 one day. Everyone keeps saying it's gonna be a really hot summer.  Hotter than usual. Dang. I guess that's life eh? So while the temperature has been nice, we've just been biking our hearts out. This week I was yet again a stereotypical missionary, the one they would show in a movie like "The RM."  You wanna know why? Well, we were riding down the street just enjoying the warmth when "whoooosh," I was overshadowed by a huge wave of water. I was drenched. I kid you not, it was like  a movie with a person who has bad luck; a car drove through a puddle, and I was drenched with sewage water for a good hour. Aaaaaah, living the life. Haha. Once I stopped spitting missionary profanities (flip, dang, crud) I was fine!

The adventures on bikes are always fun. We were a little early for an appointment so we were just riding around this apartment complex trying to find people to talk to and this dog runs past us. The owner yells "Hey can you grab that dog for me?" Hermana Bonhard hopped off her bike and started chasing this little dog around. For 10 minutes. I kid you not. She had her helmet on and was trying to charm this dog. It thought she was playing with it. You probably can't imagine what I did, can you? Absolutely nothing. I just sat on my bike in awe that my companion is chasing this dog around, I am a truth telling woman, and it was 10 minutes she chased this dog. BUT we actually got a return appointment with the guy whose dog it was, and guess what. THEY SPEAK SPANISH. YAY! haha Blessings for being.... Bold? Baha I don't know

We talk the Calasar family 5 times this week. FIVE. They are quickly progressing towards their baptismal date! I'm so pumped for them! We just gotta get them to church, and we're in business. Pray for them on my behalf will ya? We also taught English class this week. That was humorous. I can't speak English, I can't speak Spanish! Man, I felt bad for these little Hispanics.

Yesterday we had a huge Noche de Hogar with Yolanda and some friends of hers. It was really crowded but it was lots of fun. We taught the restoration with cups and played a game with it. The crowd went wild. Not really, but they made us feel like we were all that and a bag of chips haha.

  We're planning on having a giant game of soccer this week with all the people we teach (members and investigators); we're excited! We think it will be a good way to get some Amistad going. I can't think of much else to write, but just know I love you all very much! I hope you have a great week and keep on keepin on!

Hermana Groves

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