Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

March 17

Hello everyone! 

How are you doing? I'm doing really good.

This week we spent all day on Wednesday drawing the Plan of Salvation on Westheimer (probably the busiest street in our area). It turned out really well, and a lot of people talked to us while we were doing it. Unfortunately, on Saturday, the rain washed away all of our hard work. Good thing I have a camera isn't it? Haha don't worry, you'll get pictures. It was really fun, but it's kinda awkward trying to draw Jesus on the sidewalk... so that's why I made Hermana Bonhard draw him. Basically my work was writing the words and I drew maybe 2 squares. I figured this failure at college level art was better off not ruining the streets of Houston. Haha.
We also had some nice weather at the beginning of the week. We rode our bikes all Tuesday, Wednesday (when we weren't drawing), and Friday. Don't worry, we're pooped. But we're definitely gaining some killer leg muscle, and we fall asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow. I've also gained a little color. I know, odd. Don't worry, you can't tell. I can only tell cause I seem to wear my watch in the same spot every day. Guess who's gonna use it as a tan gauge? This girl! I guess you could say I'm getting pretty dark ;) Also I don't know if I've told you about how sometimes I use finding different states license plates as a game/stress reliever? Well, I do. I only have 2 states left, so if you guys know anyone from Conneticut or Montana that would like to drive by me for a minute that'd be great. Then I can start over. And say that I've seen all the plates in one area. This place is hopping with people from all over the states.
That golden family we saw the last week? Well, we met the dad and he also accepted a baptism date. We saw them 6 out of the 7 days last week and we're going back today. They love the gospel. The kids are so awesome, the mom too. Wanna hear something refreshing? The parents are married. They've been married since before they had kids. That is really rare for the Hispanic culture. This family is on fire.
On the other hand we have Jean Pierre and Wendy, Jean Pierre basically flipped out on us a couple weeks ago saying we were liars and how we were trying to trick him and all this stuff so we haven't seen them in a while, So our solution was to write him a note and just tell him that we love him and care about him, and that we just want him to have the happiness the gospel brings. That's it. Hopefully he responds to it, we left it yesterday. It's really hard because he has so much potential, and Satan definitely sees that so he's working extra hard on him. One day.
Hermana Latorre came out teaching with us 3 times this week. (She's the one that's like 80-something who's basically blind.) She's nuts, but I love her. She had to teach the lesson in Relief Society this week [but she can't read] so we read the whole lesson out to her two or 3 times. She has great memory; she remembered everything we read out loud to her. She's really cool, but she's racist, against Central Americans. She told us that the Mexicans aren't teaching us real Spanish, and that needs to stop. She told us if we ever were to go to South America (she's from Columbia), that no one would understand us, so basically she corrects us at every opportunity she gets. Someday I'll be old, and I'll get to correct everyone. So I guess that's alright.
We had a heart to heart with Wilson and Rosaurio this week, and hey told us that we are the only missionaries they've ever loved (sigh), and they thought I was going to leave. Rosaurio started crying when she found out I was staying another transfer. I love her. I will come back for  her! Haha also Hermana B's mom sent us some St. Patty's Day stuff, and we had a field day. 

Have a great week. I love you all so much!

Hermana Groves

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