Tuesday, November 11, 2014

and now I have a bun in the oven?!

October 6th, 2014

Hello everyone :) how was General Conference for everyone? I don't know about everyone else but I thought it was super good. Saturday morning was my favorite session. I remember at the intermediate hymn I leaned over to Hermana Nath and said "Man, they're bringing out the big guns this session" and personally I think it was the best session (for me, I was able to receive a lot of revelation) I had 3 talks that really stood out to me, Lynn J. Robbins' about fearing no man, Tad R. Callister's about teaching in the home and Henry B Eyring's about personal revelation.  I think they were all helping me with the questions I felt like I needed an answer to. If you haven't heard those talks I encourage you to do so. :)

So I have been praying and trying to decide whether I should extend my mission or not, and because I only have 3 transfers left, it's inevitable to think about. But I've decided after prayer and fasting that it will be best for me to not extend my mission. It's not that I don't love my mission, I do with all my heart! But I think that there are other things that I need to prepare for/need to do within that time. So it's official, I'm going home when I'm supposed to. 
We got the opportunity to watch "Meet the Mormons" in our zone meeting. Oh my gosh it was so good! Not your everyday documentary but super good! I encourage you to go see it in theaters. They want us to tell people about it because the church's major goal is to get it on Netflix, but it's gotta have enough views in theaters to do so. It comes out this week. It's really good, the last story will bring you to tears. 
Now for the big news. Hermana Groves is going to be a mom! That's right, I got the call on Thursday, I am going to be training a new missionary, starting Wednesday. The funny thing about this statement is we always make "mom" references to our trainers but I was making a baby joke about my food baby and me being pregnant from dinner when we got the call from president. So really I do have a bun cookin in the oven. Haha but not in the way you would think.. Haha how ironic.  But  Unfortunately that means that my short 3 weeks with Hermana Nath are almost over. (I don't like how temple square sisters come in the middle of a transfer) not going to lie, I'm really nervous, I just look back on when I was trained, I expected Hermana Carlson, Watkins and Bonhard (all my trainers) to know everything about Spanish and the gospel and to have solutions for everything. I'm really hoping that Heavenly Father isn't going to punish me for the horrible trainee I was! Haha I guess we'll see :) I'm shakin' in my boots but whoever it is we'll be companions for a reason, whether it's to call me to humility or what. But it makes me think of a talk by Neil A. Anderson where he says:"I have heard President Monson say, “Whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies.” I know this is true, and it gives me hope looking beyond my own inadequacies. I know that when we are on the Lord’s errand, he will be with us, he will strengthen us, he will build our capacities. I have experienced it. I have felt his lifting Spirit. In the months and years ahead, I will need him so very much.
I pledge all that I am to this sacred calling. I promise to be teachable, and I pray that I can be sufficiently meek that the Lord can mold and strengthen my spirit to accomplish his purposes. I commit to you and to the Lord that I will consecrate myself to advancing the cause of the Restoration."
I'm going to try to apply this statement to the best of my ability. I hope that I'll be able to be the best trainer I can for this missionary. How I train her will be how she is for the rest of her mission. No pressure, right? Haha it'll be fine. Heavenly Father is on my side and won't let me fail. 
I love being a missionary. I'm grateful for the opportunity I get to continually grow in my testimony of the gospel, I know that the Lord has a purpose for each of us and right in this moment, my purpose is to be here. I love you all and hope you have a great week. Keep strong and carry on :)

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