Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pioneer children sang as they walked.. and walked.. and walked...

September 22nd, 2014

Hello hello. Very eventful week here in the Texas Houston South Mission. So I'll just try to cover the goods to the best of my abilities. 
Because it was Hermana Vargas' last P-day last week we had a district activity(plus a companionship from our zone so we wouldn't appear that we were pairing off) and we went to the zoo! This time it was a lot more eventful than last time.. Mainly because elders are like little boys sometimes. Haha they would just get so excited, we spent a good 40 minutes with all the different monkeys. Correction, I spent all day with monkeys but they weren't locked up in the zoo, if you catch my drift. Haha. It was a good day to be there because obviously it was hot, but not Texas hot, like it was when Sister Piutau and I went. All in all, it was a successful p-day.
Wednesday was a rough day. Well, obviously because I sent my companion back to Utah, in the middle of the transfer. Not fair. But another thing that wasn't fair was the 2 temple square sisters (who were replacing the ones going back to the square) were sitting with us in the office for like 2 hours before we found out who our companions were. So we just awkwardly tried to not be more nice to one than the other... I was lucky enough to receive Hermana Nath. (Pronounced like gnat) she was born in equador, but raised mainly in spain. Two Hermanas from Spain in a row. That's pretty rare if you ask me.. But she's really cute and a super hard worker. And I know this because I'm putting us to work. 
 So yeah, suddenly I'm over this area that I've only been in for 3 weeks, where I don't know very many members and don't really know what they expect from missionaries. Basically white washing. Because of that, and our lack of people to teach we've been working really hard. Physically, spiritually, and emotionally. We're also basically out of miles. So one day we rode our bikes about 24 miles. (we live about 6 miles out of our area) and that was like Hermana Nath's second day here. I'm pretty sure she hates me. Haha just kidding, but I would definitely hate me if I were her. So for the subject of this email.. For 4 full days we had ZERO appointments and no one would open their door, so we walked. and walked. and walked. We were talking to everyone we could find in the street/complexes and it averaged to about 1 "street lesson" a day. My companion is a trooper. Did I mention that we're working on diligence as a companionship? Well we are, and Heavenly Father is definitely trying to help us grown in this attribute. Everyday something is put in our path for us to decide whether we want to keep going or give up. It's definitely worth it though, I know that only good will come from the trial of my diligence. 
We also had a ward party for this holiday that basically all Hispanics celebrate their freedom from "La Madre Espania" haha. There were a bunch of cool cultural dances and lots and lots of food. Hispanics know how to have good clean fun! And guess who was there? The Avalos family that I taught in H1. Whenever I see them I just get all choked up and so happy to see that their active in the church. I just love them.

I wish I had some funny stories or something, but this week we will see the blessings of our hard work. I hope you guys have a great week. I love you all! Keep strong and carry on :)
Hermana Groves

I would just like you all to look at the awkward missionary space between the elders and the sisters at the zoo. that's it. haha
Also I have the best district in the world. 
Me and Sister Nath :)

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