Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Life... Is like baseball...Everybody wants to make it home.

August 4th, 2014  

Happy August! How is everyone doing this week? I've had a pretty eventful week so I'll try to get it all summarized. It all starts out with Monday, the elders were going to introduce us to a woman that they were teaching that they thought we'd be better off teaching. Well.. she didn't end up being there, but someone else they had taught/met a few times was walking up the steps when we were going down so we asked him if he wanted to hear a message and he agreed. This was probably one of the most interesting lessons we've ever had.. This is the kind of guy that has "Swag Factory" written in pencil in like 5th grade hand writing taped on his door. He kept asking Sister Winger and I if we wanted to go up to his swag factory. We said no and then he asked the Elders if they wanted to learn some "swag" and they were like "sure man that'd be cool" he said "alright we'll get those ladies up there too and I'll show you how the swag is made in the swag factory. Haha.. How 'bout no? haha so awkward. I wasn't stepping in there for the life of me. Haha but it wasn't dangerous, don't be worried. I gots street smarts ;)
   Then we went to FHE for the young singles branch and we got to go to the mall and play where's Waldo with some of the members of the branch. It was so fun! We got to know a lot more of our members that night and it was fun to just see their natural sides. 
  On Tuesday it was a hectic day. Sister Winger went to mission leader council and I got Sister Taylor (the one that used to live right down the street) and Sister Villarreal for the day. Up until the time we were driving to the Astros game, we had to meet Sister Winger and a senior missionary and do this crazy trade off, the other sisters that were coming to the Astros game were an hour late to where the member was supposed to pick them up and I felt like I was in charge of everything and it was so bad. But then, we gave a quick devotional at bishops office about how the gospel is like baseball and we got to go to the game. We must have been their good luck charms because when we were there they were winning 4-1  (also one of our investigators caught a fly ball. Cool huh?) anyways we found out that they ended up losing 4-7. What a disappointment astros.. dang. Haha
  Thursday was our friend Gene's birthday so we decorated his door early in the morning (he's our neighbor) and made him cookies that said "Happy Birthday" and got the neighbors to sign his card and come over and sing happy birthday to him. It turns out  it was the first personalized birthday card he'd received in 6 years. We went in to teach him a lesson and he just started crying, he said we had given him the best birthday he had ever had and that he doesn't know what he'd do without us. We also gave him a card with a picture of us with him and we came over the next day and they were pinned up in the center of his wall. He tires us out though. He had committed to come to church and to be baptized, he called his sister to tell her the good news and she told him to never talk to us again and that the Book of Mormon will ruin his life. So.. We're just kinda praying for that situation to change. The agency of other people.. man.. 
  The ward mission leader had us over that day for dinner and we all got to make personal pizzas, it was so much fun! Their daughter, Morgan, is 19 and I love her to pieces. We always talk about dogs and how I think my dog is in heaven, she said that he's probably in heaven with her cat Toby, so that's always a cool conversation.
  We also helped out with her special olympics car wash (Morgan is a gold medalist, cool huh?) and it was a LOT of fun we were mainly sign holders but we had so much fun getting to know all of her friends on her team. 
  That's all I got for this week, I hope ya'll have a great week. Keep strong and carry on. I love you!
Hermana Groves

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