Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Time flies when you're serving a mission?

August 11th, 2014

First off, shout out to Staci! After weeks and weeks of asking for pictures of the wedding, Staci came through like she always does ;) so She's my favorite this week. So I don't know if any of you realize this... BUT this Wednesday I hit my year mark. That's right. I have been a missionary for a whole year. I'm partially excited because when people say "how long have you been out" I don't have to say "almost a year" I can actually say "a year" haha so that's pretty exciting. However, that doesn't mean that we start a countdown or anything like that. I still have the most crucial 6 months of my mission ahead of me. So keep writing me like it's nobody's business okay? Okay great! 

Hmmm.. this week.. This week i went on exchanges to Seabrook with Sister Hawks, turns out we had lots to talk about because we had both been companions with Sister Ritter and Sister Piutau. Small world huh? We had so much fun and we drove right by the beach, at sunset. Obviously we were in heaven. Haha it was an adventurous day. A member that we visited gave us these hot peppers and I took a bite and it was super hot.. but I wanted Sister Hawks to take one too so I pretended that it wasn't that hot. She wasn't convinced so she told me to take 5 more bites and she'd take one. Well I did. My tongue turned red and was all swollen. The things you do to make others fall into peer pressure... haha I never fell into it, but I've always been good at making others fall into it ;) haha we also got to hold star fishes and ferits, and I swatted 2 mosqitos on myself and had blood all over me. Everything is bigger in Texas, especially the mosiquito bites. Haha in the same day we taught a lesson with YELLING over the TV that was blaring 3 rooms down. It was a pretty eventful exchange. Haha

We had Zone conference this week and that was really good, we talked a lot about the Godhead and the Youth from the area were invited to come to this conference, so it was really cool. 
Our investigator Gene was so close to coming to church yesterday, he really wanted to support me (I gave a talk) but he was just too afraid, he couldn't do it. But one day. I wish people would stop giving him Anti information.. cause it's just not true. We're just working really hard on getting members to come out with us and finding new people to teach. Gene is basically the only investigator we have right now, and we have 2 areas, it should be a much bigger teaching pool right now. But I will not get discouraged because I know that the Lord has a plan for us in this area. I may not have any idea why I'm here in this area or why I'm with this companion BUT the Lord does. And that's all that matters. Obviously I think it's for Gene. 

This week I am speaking again in the singles branch. We'll see how that goes, my topic is how we can use the psalms in our lives. I'll let you know how that works out. haha. Plus I have to give a talk in district meeting. "Personal" study.. right.. But  our branch is about to take a huge plunge in numbers this week, with school starting up almost everyone is going away for school. I'm really afraid to see how small we get, because we're small already. I guess that's why we have to work with those that are the right age to be in the singles branch. Yesterday the lesson in RS was about eternal marriage. How great for a singles ward right? Well it was a really cool lesson to see the perspectives of people that didn't grow up in Utah and how their standards and expectations in those they want to marry differ from utahns. Just an eye opener for me. Gotta raise the bar a little bit I guess. Probably the awkward moment is when they asked us about our future spouses.. Talk about distracting subject to come accross in the singles ward.. Let alone as a missionary. But very insightful. Anyways, I don't have much more to report today, just that next week I'm going to the temple so I won't be emailing on monday. Don't be worried! I love you all and hope you have a great week. Keep strong and carry on! :)
Hermana Groves

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