Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I don't have feeling in my feet anymore. Don't worry about it. haha

September 29th, 2014

Well this week I'm just pooped. And that is how this email is going to begin. You thought we were busy trying to contact people last week? Hahahaha then you have no idea what this week was like. We had 3 set appointments for the whole week. And we're supposed to be out of our apartment from 12 until 9 every day. You know what that means. We got out, and we worked our butts off. But you know what? I was definitely blessed in ways that I don't even know if I can explain. While we're out walking/biking it's usually so hard to keep my thoughts where they need to be (on the work, and on the people we teach, not on things or people at home) but I've realized that as I've been diligently working on that as we are out, that is no longer something I have to constantly worry about. It happens sometimes but not more than it should. And that's a blessing. We also went on exchanges, our sister training leader Hna Green came with me and we hit the streets(like always) we had a miracle day!!! We taught 7 lessons out on the street to people who were genuinely interested. It was incredible! Unfortunately only 1 of them actually lives in our area BUT those are still 6 people ready to learn about the gospel somewhere else! That was literally a miracle. I just kept saying "Our diligence is finally paying off, Heavenly Father Loves us!!!" Which obviously he does. But when you are walking around all day in the Texas heat with people being rude to you you need a reminder of it. 
Heavenly Father keeps putting people in our paths to encourage us to keep going. The other day, it was(or felt like) the hottest day of the week and we were just trudging along on our bikes and we hear "GOD BLESS YOU!!" like 5 times. we look across the street (about 8 lanes, mind you) and see this man jumping up and down at the bus stop saying "I'M TALKING TO YOU SISTAS. GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP SPREADING THE WORD!" We gave him a nod of appreciation and he yelled it again, but this time with pounding his chest with his fist and throwing up the "I love you" sign. I don't know about Hermana Nath, but that's EXACTLY what I needed. Haha. We also had this man come up to us and say "I just want you to know that you ladies are glowing, and not because you're sweating. Keep spreading the word of God." thank you for pointing out that we're sweating, but really, we needed to hear that. Haha
And for the awkward moment of the week, we were going to contact people (obviously) and there were these 3 people sitting at a bus stop. A Hispanic lady, a black man and an Asian lady. No this isn't the beginning of a joke. So I was just wondering.. "How am I going to talk to them?" and I'll have you know that this is something that I have mastered so I just stopped my bike and..(Now as a quick backround, we had a training once about if you don't know what to say, open your mouth and the Lord will fill it with what you need to say) sat on my bike, made some extreme eye contact with these people and just had my mouth wide open. In the 10 seconds (that felt like 20 minutes btw) that I had my mouth open I just waited. I got nothing. Except probably a few bugs in my mouth. Haha so I just said "uhh Have a great day" and biked off. Just in case you were wondering, I haven't lost my awkward on the mission. Just gained a different kind. 
I would love to talk about sisters conference but.. I understood very little of it. I was actually the missionary sitting in the back row who fell asleep because she was too tired trying to translate. Haha oh the joys :) But Elder Uchtdorf's talk was awesome. 
I hope you all got some sorts of laugh from this email. Haha I want you all to know that I'm in the right place right now. I may seem a little discouraged but honestly I know I have a purpose here. I hope you all have a great week. Keep strong and carry on! I love you all :)
Hermana Groves 
please don't zoom into the picture of my crusty foot. thanks. haha

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