Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"Put your hands up like some single ladies!"

November 10th, 2014

Hola! Como estan? Espero que todos estan teniendo una buena semana! I'd be lying if I said this week was easy. It was not. But there were some really good ups to this week. So let's start with that. Well I'll finish with that too, I won't put any bad in the middle. haha 
So let's start with Tuesday, the day of my dreams. I went on exchanges with Hermana Hull back to H1 West, my first area! :) We were filled with people that I missed and got to visit. It all started out with my Yolanda. We were waiting at the door and she walks up with orange roses (because she remembered orange was my favorite color. First time to ever receive flowers from someone? Totally worth it :) She told me that she was about to write me and then she found out that I was coming to "visit" so she postponed it, she also had a scarf ready to give me. This woman cracks me up. She's my grandma in disguise. I love her. Next stop the familia Poza, only Hermana Poza was there but she was SO happy to see us, the hermanas haven't visited her since before Hermana Bonhard left.. so it's been a while, but she was doing really good and she said that she's working on  reading her scriptures with Sofie, but her husband isn't supportive of them going to church anymore :( so that was a shame. 
Remember how I always used to talk about Wilson and how much I love him? I love him even more now, and I got to see him too. He's super active in the church and like every week he brings a random friend to church. He's on fire and like the coolest ever. Hermana Hull told him she was going to surprise him with something and when I showed up he was like  freaking out and just kept saying "best surprise ever" holy cow, he's definitely the coolest fake cousin I have. He has another girlfriend but he said he's gonna bring her to my new ward so I can meet her (probably so he can get my approval haha) but he's doing good!
We also stopped by to see Margarita's family (she was working) but her baby Ivan is so big now, he's definitely in the terrible 2 stage. But they are preparing to go to the temple next month and I'll be able to go with them!!! I'm so excited! We stopped by the Avalos as well but the parents weren't there but I did get to see Oliver and Jashly. So that was really good. 
We had a really awesome lesson with Aaron and Monica on Wednesday and they committed to read the scriptures and pray daily, they didn't come to church cause Lesley had her quinsinera so... they didn't come. This week though! We have a lesson with them tonight so it'll be really good :)
On Thursday we went to the temple as part of the mission. SUPER GOOD!!! I wish that I could write all of the great things that I learned but it was like when the prophets would say that so great were the things they beheld that they couldn't write them. That was my temple experience. Every time I go I just learn so much, the spirit is truly the best teacher. But it also was super cool that president Crane (the temple president) his wife and President and Sister Ashton had a meeting with us afterwards in the temple to answer questions and to discuss things they had asked us to consider in the temple. It was sick. But super sacred.
On Friday we went on yet another exchange, me with Hermana Christensen, the senior sister training leader. and it was really good! Their area is boomin' and she's a super awesome missionary, I learned so much from her in the day I was there. 
Saturday... I had this massive migrane that resulted in blurred vision so I stayed in for a few hours.
On Sunday it was the primary program. Let's talk about not getting trunky. It's hard when they hand out things that say "families are eternal" and members make comments about how my future family is forever. Trunky girl right here. Get thee hence! 
That basically sums up all the good of my week. Hopefully I didn't bore ya'll to sleep. I love you and hope you have a great week. Keep strong and carry on!
Hermana Groves 

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