Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy 4th Of July!

June 30th, 2014

Every week I try not to start my email with the same opening line because that's really boring. But it always ends up being basically the same just the words jumbled around. Sorry. Haha. I'm just trying to entertain you all, it's harder work than it seems!
Productive. If I could choose one word to describe this week, that'd be it. We were busy ladies this week! We have been working really hard with an investigator named Louis. As we've been teaching him, it really makes me think about "defining moments" I was reminded this morning of 13 Going on 30, not a missionary movie, I know but for those of you who haven't seen it, the movie starts out with Jenna Rink as a 13 year old girl, she has a birthday party and decides to never talk to her best friend again, she then wishes to be 30 years old and the movie shows the results of this decision. This was a defining moment of her life and the decision she made at her birthday party changed the whole outcome of her life, not for the better. Life is full of defining moments, where the moments that seem so small become the moments that define us. I have been looking back a lot, being so grateful for the way I have acted in defining moments. Leaving a dance, staying home, and just listening to the promptings of the spirit and I think of negative reactions I also had. As President Thomas S. Monson says "Decisions Determine Destiny" and I have not seen more truth in that than as I've been here on my mission. The people we teach, they feel down, lonely, or like they can't receive forgiveness, although we do have repentance and we can change afterwards we can ALWAYS decide first, whether we want to follow the Lord or we want to follow the natural man. Louis has had a few defining moments in his life and I just think of how grateful I am to have been raised with the knowledge of how to act and not be acted upon. 
This week we also worked a lot with a few less actives recovering from drug/alcohol abuse and the same thoughts have been running through my head. But the amazing thing really is that God loves us and has provided us with a way to repent and to change ourselves for the better. I know that through Christ we can be cleansed. 
I went on exchanges this week with Sister Newman, our sister training leader and that was a really good time, she's really positive and just wants to work hard to get the job done. But not gonna lie, when Sister Piutau and I were reunited we thought that one day was enough to be away from one another. Haha. This girl. She kills me. We just laugh our heads off and every time we're in the car we sing duets. I'm always the man. Obviously. Haha. I love being a missionary.
Yesterday for 5th Sunday we got to teach the youth about missionary work and it was perfect because it was the first time Louis came to church so we could be with him for all 3 hours. I realized that I needed to come on a mission. That was one of my defining moments, staying or going. I look back at the times when I wanted to give up and just swat that idea away. Who would I even be if I didn't come on a mission? What kind of future would I have? This is for me, personally. The person I need to be depended 100% upon me being a missionary. I have learned so much and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything else. I hope you all have a fantastic 4th of July!! I LOVE AMERICA!! (Even though we have to walk in the parade. At least we get to celebrate...right? haha) I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week. Keep strong and carry on! 
Hermana Groves

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