Tuesday, November 11, 2014

apparently being a dad means taping fake mustaches to your face like sideburns

June 17th, 2014

Hola mi amados familia y amigos
How has your week been? I will tell you right now, I had a great week. It really was an awesome week. Me and Sister Piutau were killin it, last transfer we averaged about 10 lessons a week.. this week? We almost doubled that. 19 lessons, which is incredible for this area. It was lots of hard work though, we talked to a lot of people and asked everyone for referrals and guess what! We ended up with 4 new investigators!(Which in comparison to our 0 every week was awesome)
We are really trying to pick this area up and I think we're doing it. Heavenly Father sees our efforts and our desires and is blessing us for them. I don't know if I told you about Claudio, who a member invited to come to the book of mormon class a few weeks ago, well his friend invited him to the class, this week we actually got contact of him and taught him two days in a row and he accepted a baptismal date. Isn't that awesome? Get this, he's also requesting Sunday's off so he can come to church. This guy is legit and is so ready to better his life. 
It's hot out here. If you guys didn't already know. One day this week, ONE DAY we decided to ride our bikes, my lanta, we were on fire. after riding our bikes ALL day we got in the car after hooking our bikes onto the back and the thermometer said.. 111 degrees and it was not 0% humidity either. Why do I even where white shirts anymore? If you know what I mean.. haha I was gross! But in that process we met a lot of people who became potential for us so, I cannot complain. People are so prepared. Okay I've said it once, but I'll say it again, people are crazy. They crack me up. I can't think of anyone specific but I have just been told so many random stories this week. Do you think it's because they want to confuse us into not talking to them? probably, but I wasn't the queen of prank calls for nothing. I can turn anything into a situation that I want to, okay? haha
We went to the zoo yesterday. It could have been a funner experience, haha we got lost... a few times.. and no offence to the birds.. but if we're going to the zoo.. I want to see some big cats. We should have known of course that because it was really hot that all of the animals would be hiding in the shade. But we got a good laugh out of the monkeys. Thank goodness for the monkeys, they crack me up. 
Well guys, I can't think of much else. But Sister Piutau and I did a father's day photoshoot, I thought the hat looked like black hair. Whatever.  (also I love all the mothers in my life but you can't really dress up as a mother haha.. anyways no one get offended) I hope that you all had a good week! Sorry the email was today. internet was bad in the library yesterday. Also sorry it's scatterbrained. Not used to writing on Tuesdays. Love you all. keep strong and carry on! :)

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