Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"Doctor, doctor, give me the news I gotta bad case of..."

September 8th, 2014

So quick opening: if there is anyone receiving this email that would no longer like to receive it, just let me know. I have an automatic list and it's really easy for me to take you off. I know that it's kinda annoying if you don't have the desire to read it. Talk about immediate spam mail, haha so just email me back if that's the case. If not, disregard this message. :)

So as my email from last week said, I was a little sick. But that night, I was trying to man up, bad idea. We went over to have dinner with the Villalobos family (our ward mission leader's fam) and it turned out to be a disaster. I don't know if ya'll have ever had real Mexican fajitas, but I'll tell you now that they do NOT agree with a sensitive stomach. Haha. Not along with like 6 bean soup either. Oh my goodness, it was so bad. I'll just leave it at that. But we were supposed to have our ward correlation meeting that night but we didn't go because I was just.. not having it. But the ward mission leader thought that his wife poisoned us when really, I was already sick. Anyways, he said they probably won't feed us again. There goes that bridge I already burned. Haha. It'll be fine, I'll just pig out next time we eat over there.

Wednesday we were able to have a zone meeting which was really good. There was a talk about "ministering to the one" where we talked on really just focusing on people, if nothing else making sure the people we work with know that we love them. I really loved that, that's been my perspective probably my whole mission, but I know so many missionaries that are so focused on baptizing people but not the people we baptize. This work is all about helping people grow in their relationship with God and His son, Jesus Christ so that's what we need to do first. Help them with whatever obstacles are in their way and help them take the leaps of faith necessary to make covenants. 

We saw our investigator Hailey that day as well. She's 9. So our lessons are always all over the place. They always seem to end with her asking "Will there be.... in heaven?" Also I heard her whispering to one of the kids saying "If I turned into a bear.. would I be an adult bear, a teenage bear or a kid bear?" That's a really good question, that I would like you all to think about for the next week, okay? Haha I have been thinking about it since she asked and I cannot give a sure answer..

On Thursday we took Hna Hull (who is in the first week of her mission by the way) to the doctor and spent like 4 hours there. Turns out she probably has apendecitis (however you spell that) so that's not very good, at all. Nothing stresses you out more than being in a completely foreign place having a completely foreign experience. Let's all wish her luck. Also prayers, prayers would be good. 

Friday Hna Vargas wanted to ride our bikes. Rides our bikes we did. We live about 3 miles outside of our area. But we biked all the way to it and for about 2 hours in between teaching. Haha we were dead by the time we were about a block away from our apartment... We're chugging along probably the slowest you can go on a bike and these European tourists ride past us and stop at the same stop sign as us. We're deeply breathing and they shake their heads and say.. "Americans.." and biked off. Hna Vargas was not happy with that haha. But whatever, I'm a lazy American. I know it. We were definitely blessed that day though for working hard, we were able to see a lot of people and get some new investigators. Work hard and be rewarded :)

We really think that biking Friday blessed us the rest of the weekend because we had a lot of success. It was such a blessing! We had a few lessons with members inviting their friends over and some other random things.

But yesterday takes the cake. We were eating dinner at a member's house (this was our second dinner..this area is making me so large and in charge) and her daughter and son in law were there because she wanted to introduce us, that's not all. She had her daughter Skype her other daughter in Mexico so we could meet her. (all these people are members)  Haha it was so funny everyone felt really awkward about it except this member. She just ate it up, she loves the missionaries and she loves her family so obviously she would put the two together in whatever way she could! Haha Hna Ruiz is such a sweetheart, I was so honored to meet her family.

I just want ya'll to know I love my mission. I realized a few days ago that I'm really on the downward slope. BUT that doesn't mean anything, I want to be the best missionary I can be and I'm far from it. So I got lots of time. I love ya'll so much and hope that you all have a splendid week. Love always
Hermana Groves 

ps I'm basically a person of walmart knitting at the doctors office

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