Tuesday, November 11, 2014

September 15th, 2014

Buenas dias! I hope ya'll are having a great week and that you're seeing the hand of God in your lives every day. This week started out on the rough side.. For 2 full days we didn't teach anyone. Oh my lanta, that was so hard. But we were patient and eventually the Lord blessed us. There is this family that's on the ward roster that lives in our area that says "doesn't want contact with the missionaries" written in, but you know what? We tried it anyways, the family opened the door and said "Oh my gosh it's been so long since we've seen the missionaries! We're busy right now but PLEASE come back." What the? We weren't even gonna go visit them and what would have happened if we didn't? I don't know, but that was a miracle, that's for sure! 
We visited Hna Rosa, this less active member twice this week. Oh my lanta. Kids say the darndest things, but so does Hna Rosa. Haha she kills me. We were talking about prophets the first time and in the pamphlet she saw this PAINTING of Isaiah and was like "how handsome wow how handsome this man in this painting."  and then later on we were talking about how the prophets now still receive revelation for the world. We used pornography as an example and she misunderstood and started talking about how the people back then were "caliente" which means they were hot temperature wise, but my companion told me that when you talk about people being caliente it means they're like really... hormonal.. Haha and so she was saying basically "oh course the prophets prophesied of that cause the people back then were really hormonal" haha when Hna Vargas told me that I was dying. Because when we were teaching her I agreed! I was thinking a long the lines of like they didn't have AC or whatever. But I was like "Oh yeah of course the people were hot, why wouldn't they be?" just hand me the dunce hat already. Haha. But then as we were leaving she noticed I had a few mosquito bites and I told her I was fine because I put on.. (couldn't think of the word for bug repellent) so I was moving my hands trying to.. I don't know physically force the words out of my mouth? Anyways she was like "what? are you going swimming? were you going swimming? Can mosquitos swim?" haha another phrase I wasn't familiar with so of course I just agreed. This girl needs to learn her Spanish better. Haha. I'm bringing shame upon the family name. 
OH! This story is nuts. Prepare for it. So we were walking in this complex trying to contact some of our referrals that we've received and we met on! So we were talking to her outside and our phone kept ringing with this number that wasn't in our phone. They left a voicemail so after we taught this lady we went to the parking lot to listen to this message. This creepy guy like walks up near us so we just avoid eye contact and walk to the car. We listen to this message that says "You guys are little gossips you cancelled your appointment with me but I see you walking around my complex, you say you spread the word of God but you're lying" it's from a guy we contacted on the street that we had to reschedule our appointment because we got held up at someone else's house. and so we called him back apologizing and he says "really, you just walked by me and ignored me" oh man we felt so bad. We were like "man we didn't recognize you, when we met you it was dark, would it be okay if we came and visited you right now?" and he said "you know, I'm a little drunk right now so maybe not" but that's not it, Hermana Vargas starts trying to set something up and he says "I really want the American to teach me English, but I want her to come alone" "Well we stay in a pair so where she goes I go" "Well can I take the American out to dinner and have you sit at another table?" oh my lanta. This conversation went on forever. Until he asked if I was married or engaged. Hna Vargas said that saying I was married was too much so she told him I was engaged his response was "well engagements can easily be broken" This guy is such a creep and I'm definitely never going back there again and we blocked his number. Haha but it was the creepiest/ridiculous thing I've ever witnessed in my mission. Also you know how we Americans love accents? Apparently other countries like gringo accents. Go figure! But all is well in Zion, we're safe we're not going back to that complex with out someone. 
But on Wednesday Hna Vargas goes back to temple square. It's been too short, I love her and will miss her so much! 
So that was my week. Hope everyone else had a good one. I love you all. Keep strong and carry on :)

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