Monday, November 17, 2014

"Are ya'll breakin' in?"

November 17th, 2014

Well another week has gone by here in good ol' Houston, Texas, transfer calls came and Hermana Call and I are staying together for another transfer. Houston 8 is a really hard ward to work in and our area is really rough so it's bitter sweet, I obviously love it but for once I would like to be in an area where it's already built up and I can just harvest. But I guess I'm good at planting the seeds so I'll probably doing that for the rest of my mission. I'm excited though, that means that my work isn't done here and there are more people to touch. So with that being said let me tell you all about this week. 

Not gonna lie, this week started out a little rough, I'm gonna spare the details of that because we only want to remember the good in all the people we come in contact with, especially our companions. Also my bike fell apart so shout out to Grandpa Lloyd cause he payed for the unexpected bike expenses. Also I'm a Texan cause I'm freezin my buns. But besides the zone activity where it was superheros vs. animals (it was supposed to be an animal activity but.. our district coincidentally bought superhero shirts so we all wore them.. no regrets) obviously my disctrict is the bomb haha but we had a run in with a member at dinner and she told us some concerns she had with an elder so unfortunately we had to report it and now Elder Jarvis is being transferred :( but he didn't do anything bad just the members in the ward... basically it's the telenovelas (hispanic soaps) in this ward. 
We were able to teach this part member family this week (finally) and we're really excited to just continue working with them. We were also able to meet with this woman who just moved into our ward.. from Guatamala, she's super pregnant and this random family took her in. It's really sad though she's like 9 months pregnant and she's basically living in a closet. She moved here cause her baby daddy fled the scene but he wants nothing to do with her anymore. It makes me really sad. We talked to the bishop yesterday and he's looking for someone to take her in, so hopefully that works out. It just makes me really grateful for the chance I had to be born here in the states to "goodly parents" haha but really, a good support system makes a huge difference. 

So here's the funny of the letter the other night we went to go visit our investigator Carmen and she wasn't there so as we were walking to the car we heard a "umm excuse me can you help me?" (all of this in spanish) so we went to this lady who was basically trapped in her porchish thing from her sliding door. She went outside to water her plants and she locked herself out so she asked us to go to the office to send someone to come open her apartment. Too bad it was right when the office was closing so they didn't have anyone to send. So we told her she had to get it herself but she said "how? I'm trapped" so, me being the problem solver I am... got on my hands and knees and told her to climb down... All of the sudden we hear these guys yelling "YA'LL NEED HELP? OR ARE YOU ROBBIN THE PLACE? Cause we ain't gonna help if you robbin' the place" so they came and lifted this lady over the fence. it was probably the most hilarious thing that happened this week.
Not much more is going on, but we're having the thanksgiving party this week. How exciting! Well hope ya"ll have a great week. Love ya!
Hermana Groves

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