Tuesday, November 11, 2014

me? A killer? Noooooo...

July 14th, 2014

Well transfer calls came today and surprise surprise.. But really it is a surprise, I'm staying in Maplewood 2 for this transfer and probably the next.. This is Sister Piutau's last transfer so in missionary terms she "dies" and I'm gonna be the one to "kill" her. Sad huh? I'm glad I get to be with her as she shifts into hydro mode to finish her mission. President told us that we were going to baptize a lot.. So we got 6 weeks.. starting now. haha. 

This week was the average week for us, we taught a lot and had some really great experiences. On Monday we had a zone activity with the other missionaries in our zone and it was nuts. It was a team effort (companion wise) we did a relay, a 3-legged race, marshmallow stuffing in our mouths, doughnut on a string eating, shaving a balloon and blowing flower off a plate to read the scripture. It was SO much fun, and Sister P. and I killed it. We didn't win though, cause we got the Chinese elders in our district and apparently they're used to weird game show type games? Bahah but it was a huge mess, took about an hour to clean up. Flour+Shaving cream= big mistake. 
 Yesterday in specific was bitter sweet. Bad news first? Okay. Louis, who I have told you about before (the golden investigator) was all set to have his baptism this coming Saturday, the only thing we needed was the stamp of approval from his parents. We didn't receive it, he actually told us that his mom doesn't want him meeting with us anymore. Man, that was some really rough news to hear, it's so hard for me to see someone so prepared to learn and to literally turn their life around and have the desire to change but be held back by someone else's decision. Whatever, I'm going to continue to pray for him, because one day he'll be able to fully make that decision on his own. But wanna hear the great news? Last night the familia Avalos from my last area was baptized! And I was able to be there! Oh my gosh I am so grateful for Sister Romero, who took us to the baptism. Hermana Bonhard did a great job of making sure my H1 family was there as well so I got to see a bunch of the members that I used to work with. I was so grateful to see them, Jessica, one of the members wrote on the chalk board "We love you welcome home, Hermana Groves" man I miss those people. Haha. I was also asked to speak at the baptism and I was really nervous (for obvious reasons, 1 being I haven't been speaking a whole lot of Spanish) but a few members came up to me and told me that my accent and my grammar has improved since I left. What? Gift of tongues, that's simply what that is. Haha. But man, it was so great to see them! 
 Other than that, we've been working really hard just trying to visit all of our members and present the ward mission plan and to find new people to teach. I am so glad to be a missionary at this time in my life. I have been thinking about those "defining moments" in my life and how my split second decision to serve a mission will change the outcome of my life. My knowledge and testimony of the gospel has grown so much in the time I've been on my mission. I know that it continues to make me a better person in the community, church, with my friends and especially with my family, present and future. I have learned so much about myself and who I want to become. I love the gospel, and I love being a missionary. I hope you all have a great week, you're all in my prayers. Congrats to Tara this Thursday getting married! Just remember guys, keep strong and carry on! :)

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