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Happy Late Memorial Day!

May 27th, 2014

Hello hello!
First off, shout out to Al for graduating. I am so proud of you!:) Also I'm so jealous to everyone who went to Beaver, I was telling like all the members what I was missing out on for memorial day haha. Also Congrats to Ashley and Troy for the awesome news about the baby :)
Next order of business... Well last week for P-day we went to Sugar Land down to the Hindu Temple. It was actually really cool. The structures of those buildings are incredible. Hand carved. It's nuts! That was fun, it was a zone activity so I actually got to see some sisters. Haha Sister Pace from Cedar is in my zone, did I tell anyone that? Well I accidentally called her by name and everyone was basically appalled. Haha I think it was just more weird than anything. But anyways, that was a cool experience. I love building structures. 

On Wednesday we had exchanges and Sister Bloom, our sister training leader, came to me and we just rode bikes, like all day long. Haha we talked to a lot of people and got some contact information too. She's bold. Holy cow. I can be bold in Spanish, cause if they turn me down I just tell myself it's cause I'm a little white girl who can't speak Spanish, but in my native tongue, I'm afraid of rejection so I just kinda hold it back. But she pumped me up a little bit so for the past few days I've been trying really hard to just talk to everyone.

On Saturday we went to 2 baptisms, one for Sister Ritter's old investigator and the other for an investigator the elders in our ward were teaching. The first baptism was so well organized, peaceful and just seemed to go perfectly. The one organized by the elders... Haha oh man, here's a story I can't wait to tell. The water heater in our font is broken. So obviously you don't want to be imersed in that.. So she went in the water and was about to get baptized and her husband was going to do it, first time ever baptizing someone so the elders were basically pep talking him. I then realized that she was not wearing a bra, with a thin dress, and us being the only other women there, you know that was probably going to be a scarring experience. So I ran up to the font and told her she may want to put on a bra. Thank goodness I did. Because she came back out and was baptized 3 more times because she kept sticking out an elbow or a toe or something and so as they were about to do the 4th time under our ward mission leader tells them to wait a second. We thought he was just gonna go pep talk from the font, 1 minute later, I kid you not, one minute later he comes into the font wearing a jumpsuit. Haha it was like "super Myles to save the day" I was chuckling so hard to myself at how fast and unexpected that was. Haha so he goes and just makes sure that all of her is under water when she was baptized. This was a really really weird experience for me and I'm pretty sure it was for everyone else too.

A member was giving us a ride yesterday and in the car we listened to this story for her son and it sang this song about loving walking in your own shoes and there was a line that said "I love my wet shoes, I love my wet shoes" we definitely ended up singing that song later that day. Holy hannah, we biked through like a flood. We couldn't see the curb but we just trudged through it. We were drenched. From head to toe, our bags, our raincoats, everything under them. It was ridiculous. Haha and we can't ride in our car so.. For this rainy week we will have to.. Endure through the stormy week that will come. It 

On Friday we realized that we were super super low on miles. Like we probably have 40 miles to get us through until June so we had no other choice but to.. Hit the bikes. Our area is very reliant on the freeway system though..What did we do? Of course we rode through the weeds and bushes on the side of the freeway. Of course I was leading the way. Even though it was terrible, it was actually a really spiritual experience for me. Weird, right? So as we were riding I just started thinking about the pioneers first, because I was singing "put your shoulder to the wheel" to myself. haha. I actually gashed my foot with this deadly weed and I was bleeding all over the place, and I told my companion to stop for a minute, as a warning of the nasty weeds that will eat your flesh. But she didn't stop, she actually got one stuck in her gear and fell off her bike. It really got me thinking about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I was thinking about every path that we've taken, he's experienced it. He testifies to us through the spirit that we either need to go a different way or continue onward. He had to pay the price of justice for us and so as we were biking I was thinking of how I was like the Savior in this situation, I had gone through it all, so I needed to warn my companion of certain bumps in the way that would make her ride a little bit harder, when she didn't listen she faced consequences, and I was thinking about how often we take the Savior's atonement in vain, that what we know what we're doing isn't right and we continue or we just ignore promptings of the spirit, and yes we can repent of those things, but wouldn't it be easier to just do things right the first time? I just want you guys to all know that I know the Savior atoned for our sins and that as we follow in his steps we will find happiness. He is the light and he is the way. Holy cow, the gospel is awesome. I'm so happy to be a missionary. I love you all and hope you have a great week :) Keep strong and carry on!
Sister Groves

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