Tuesday, November 11, 2014

May 19th, 2014

This will probably be short cause I waited until the last 20 minutes of my email to write my group email. 
This week we took a mission temple trip! My first time in the temple for 9 months! It was so awesome, I went with a group of sisters. We woke up at 4 drove to the temple started our special session at like 6 and then afterwards we had a Q&A with President and Sister Ashton and then the temple president, President Crane and his wife. It was a really cool experience but very sacred ,I learned a lot about the order of the temple and why things are the way they are. President challenged us to pray in advance over what our true characters are and who we really are.  I learned a lot about myself as I tried to find my true character but nothing stood out to me FOR me. I was enlightened with everything everyone else was sharing but I couldn't find it for me. Afterwards I was discouraged, I didn't understand why everyone suddenly felt their divine character or purpose but I couldn't find mine. The next day I was a little discouraged and decided to pray really hard for it. I studied the scriptures and then suddenly... Lightbulb. Patriarchal blessing. As I read I picked up many of the characteristics we had spoke about: courage, excitement to have knowledge, leadership, charity, dicerning between right and wrong, and a few others I can't remember at the moment. The reason I didn't receive an answer in the temple is because I already had one. I just needed to open my eyes and heart a little bit.
So that was an awesome experience. I wish I could go back and do it again, the temple president told us that it was a once in a lifetime thing and that we probably wouldn't have that oportunity again. 
You wanna hear a funny story? Good I'm gonna tell you one. We had a really really slow week and so we were walking around trying to find people to teach on a busy street, the wild was blowing, but it was hot outside so we appreciated it. Well I don't know how long we were walking but like 2 cars honked within like 30 seconds of each other. I turned around to look and guess what? The wind had blown my skirt up so that my skirt was no longer covering my bum and was like bunched below my backpack. I was walking on a public street guys! How embarassing. Haha talk about showing your religion.. Bahaha classic Hermana Groves right? I just thought I was getting a nice breeze.. nope the wind was directly hitting me. Haha
Also last week while we were grocery shopping and I was drinking water (I hadn't all day) so I was smiling. I look up and this like 50 year old man is staring at me. So I smile and look away and look back and he's still looking. He's a little while away.. But he yells to me "Maam, I'm sorry for staring, but you got your self a MILLION dolla smile!" I like pointed to myself and he said "Yes maam! Did you see me staring at anyone else?" haha I told him thanks. But that was basically the most flattering thing I've heard on my mission. Haha he was completely sincere and just walked away. Random acts of kindness, I dig them. 
Just remember I love you guys. You're fantastic. Keep strong and carry on :)
Hermana Groves

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