Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I'm just glad my leg didn't fall off.

July 28th, 2014
Can you believe that July is almost over? My lanta, time surely flies doesn't it? First of all, you guys are all the worst because NO ONE sent me pictures from Tara's wedding. So let's try this again. Haha. So we are just living the life up here in Clear Lake. We have been riding our bikes to a member's house every day for the past two weeks to water their garden and take care of it and stuff. Well, obviously we're getting eaten alive by mosiqitos, I didn't mind either, I was trying to be a good sport and not scratch my bites, but being a girl missionary I have to shave my legs, because there is NO way I'm wearing tights in this Texas heat and so I was shaving my legs the other night and guess what. I shaved off a whole bite to where there was like an indent in my leg. I was gushing blood. so we put a band aid on it. Well that does no good, I look down after what, 3 minutes? and My band aid is bled through and my leg is covered in blood. So we did what any 20 year old girl would do, I wrapped up a giant paper towel and balled it up onto the spot. Sounds fine right? Well It was till I had to go to bed. So Sister Winger wrapped the paper towel on there with tape. She did a great job. It wasn't going to fall off, ever. Haha. So I went to sleep and woke up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night because I had this dream that I was going to have to cut off my leg. Well nightmare confirmed, I fell! My foot was swollen and I'd lost all feeling in it! haha I went to the bathroom and my foot was still people color, not purple and so I just took off the tape and hoped I wouldn't bleed to death in my sleep. That was pretty crazy. But about as crazy as it gets this week. I think. 

We teach this man named Gene in our apartment complex and he's a super cool guy. He's about 65-ish and we see him in the parking lot like every day. Well we decided to go visit him with a member so we could go inside his house. He loves us, really he does, but this day he was basically breaking up with us. But some how by the spirit we were able to just ask him if we could come back the next day and just check on him.We did and he told us that he was worried that we were never going to come back and visit him again. He said he wants us to come by every day because he likes the feelings of the Spirit he feels when we visit him. He also said that if either of us get sent anywhere that he will send a taxi to come pick us up so we can pray with him and help him expand his mind. Gene is so great. 

We were at a recent convert's house a few nights ago and she said to us "Guys I think I'm coming back to the mormons" and we said "Coming back?" and she said "yeah after I got baptitzed I really liked being mormon, but I recently started practicing buhdism, I was wondering if I could be a mormon buddhist" (Sons of Provo anyone??) haha But that was basically the bulk of my week. We scared one of our less actives while he was watering his plants with headphones on, that was funny and tomorrow we're going to the astros game. YAY! The 55 hats are something that the bishop does. I don't know he and the missionaries have a 55 club. I think there were 55 less actives reactivated last year or something. I don't know? Anyways. I want ya'll to have a great week. I love you. Keep strong and carry on! 
Hermana Groves

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