Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Birthday 'Murica!

July 7th, 2014

I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July! It was pretty good for me. 
But let's not get ahead of ourselves. This week we had a really awesome week. The numbers of lessons taught didn't exactly show it, but we felt like we were on top of our work. We unfortunately had to say goodbye to the Hubbards, a couple whom we love dearly. They're all grown up and bought a house, so they don't live in the ward anymore. It was rough, we helped them move out and then we had to say goodbye!
We had a Zone Meeting this week and I was asked to speak on faith in relationship to obedience. I was afraid that I needed to speak on that because it was something to work on.. Well it turns out everyone had to give a talk and the topics we were given were what the zone leaders think are our strengths. That was a really great feeling to have. Knowing that I feel obedient and that I'm the example of that in the zone. So there's that. :)
The mornings here have been so beautiful and sunny and then the afternoon hits and it's like a rain storm. I don't get the bipolarity of this place! haha.
July 4th was such a fun day for us! We had a tri-ward breakfast and then guess what. We got to march in the Bel-aire 4th of July Parade! I was worried that we wouldn't really have a chance to do anything really "4th of July-ish" but we got to be in the parade and give out candy and pass along cards. It was awesome! We then got to help the Hubbards move their stuff and honestly, it was a giant game of tetris but I really love them and already miss them since they moved. It's a sad day in the Maplewood 2nd ward when the Hubbards leave.. Seriously.
On Saturday we had 2 more service projects the first was helping a neighbor of a member move her stuff from her storage unit to her apartment. Again. One video game that never did me wrong, tetris. Haha. She told me if it wasn't for me, we would have probably taken 3 or 4 trips instead of the 1 trip we took. After that we went and helped a young man with his Eagle project which was really fun as well. We "beautified" the grounds of a middle school and by the time we were done planting the grass and the plants, that place looked awesome. Just as we were finishing up, the rain came, what a blessing!
On Saturday it was Sister Mechling's birthday (the senior sister in our ward) and so we were invited over to their apartment for some cake and ice cream. We wanted to make it a good birthday for her so Sister Piutau and I arranged a special musical number for her.. Thanks to those plastic clarinet flutes mom got me. Haha We played her happy birthday and she was so happy, she felt so loved. As long as it beats the elder's gifts.. Haha jk. 
I got one story that I just think is hilarious. So bear with me (if you've read this far, you've already bore with me) haha. We were at a member's house for dinner last night and the elders were invited over as well, a surprise to us. Something went wrong with the dinner and so the members were trying to fix up something last minute,( they're a young family with 3 kids under the age of 5 so it's always fun over there.) So all of us missionaries are sitting in the living room just talking with the kids and one of the elders just starts cleaning the tv. His companion was like "Are you cleaning their tv?" "yeah.." "that's nice... WEIRD..but nice" (hahah this companionship is super awkward. as i'm sure you can imagine) so the elder that's cleaning the screen is like secretly licking the paper towel that he's cleaning off the tv with. So I ask "Elder, what are you cleaning that off with?" and he just said.."Oh you know just the paper towel and just rolling it up" I asked, "is it dry?" he just looks up and doesn't really say anything. Haha just at the opportune moment the member walks in and asks "oh my gosh Elder, are you cleaning my tv? Thanks I had a bunch of kids over here yesterday for Claire's birthday and they were licking the tv. Who does that?" and you know what he says? "Well there's some jam on here so they were probably licking off the jam" how the heck would he know that there was jam on the tv if he hadn't licked the tv himself? haha so after she left the room he casually went and got some water to walk down the screen with. Haha this was so weird and Sister P and I are still laughing about it to this moment. 
haha hopefully you enjoyed that story. I'm laughing my head off head off over here. 
last of all I want you to know that I love ya'lll and hope you have a fantastic week. Oh and here are some pictures of us celebrating the 4th like a couple of Rednecks. haha enjoy :)
Love always
Hermana Groves

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