Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Momma Bear

Another successful week in the Texas Houston South Mission completed. I'm just going to start off with transfer meeting because that's really where my week began. So we showed up early to transfer meeting to meet our babies and I received my lovely new companion, Hermana Call, straight from Provo, UT. (I'll explain more about her later) So we start transfer meeting and we're singing the hymn and President Ashton starts looking around the missionaries sitting there with a  very serious look on his face. He then stands up and starts looking around more. All I was thinking was "man I feel bad for whoever president is looking for, looks like he's got some news for them" so I just look up to the front and Elder Jones, one of the AP's makes eye contact with me and mouths "Hermana Groves, he's looking for you" I point to myself and with wide eyes he nods his head. So obviously I was thinking bad news. I get out in the hallway for president to talk to me and he says "Hermana Groves I'm sorry forgot to ask you before hand, but the Lord has called you to be a sister training leader(which is the equivalent of a zone leader), do you accept your calling?" I grabbed his arm and said "President, I thought you were going to tell me someone died!!" but then I realized what he said.. But it was too late, I had already accepted it! 

Haha. here I am training and an STL. Definitely didn't see that coming. 
I'm loving this transfer so far though. Hermana Call is a hard worker and doesn't get discouraged which is super awesome. She's willing to just get out there and learn, and she's confident in what she does know. It's great! Our first night together we were walking and we said hello to this man and he said. "Wait, where are you from?" and we told him that we're missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and he said "I could tell you were messengers sent from God, you both have a glow around you." and we thanked him and told him that we taught more about Jesus Christ and how we can grow in our faith in him, also that we teach about how we can have our families forever. His response? "Do you have time right now? I would love to have you over to talk more about this" Unfortunately we had an appointment to get to.. So we set up a return appointment. How crazy right? I love when prepared people are placed in our paths :)

On Sunday we ran out of toilet paper. We couldn't break the Sabbath so we called the elders and asked them if we could have some. That is the missionary life. 
So on Monday I had the privilege of going to my first MLC (mission leader conference) and not gonna lie. It was awesome. I mean it doesn't help that we had Elder Schwitzer a member of the 70 there. We talked about how we can better help the mission purify their hearts and it was a really great conference. 

Yesterday we were able to have zone conference again with Elder Schwitzer and it was so awesome! We talked a lot about bringing Christ back into the center of our messages. We applied it yesterday with our investigators Aron and Lesley. You could cut the spirit with a knife it was so defined! They accepted a baptism goal! And they were like crying. I definitely felt the power of the atonement of Jesus Christ during that lesson. There is no way that it could by anyway be denied. Oh my gosh, the power of the message we bring is so real. I am so grateful for the chance I have to be a missionary and spread the Lord's word on the earth today. I hope you all have a great week. Remember to keep strong and carry on! 
Love always, 
Hermana Groves

1.Toliet Paper delivery Boys
2. First comp picture. Haha she was cleaning off her shoe cause she got mud on them
3. we actually do like each other haha

by the way I have a new address 
10575 westpark dr. #529 
Houston, TX 77042
stop sending my stuff to my old one, because it will take me 6 weeks to get it. Thanks :)

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