Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 3rd, 2014

Okay, Texans are such babies. Haha I kid you not. Saturday we had some awesome weather (like 75ish) and I was rejoicing because I could just wear a short sleeve and not sweat. But we were leaving a member's house and she basically refused for us to leave her house because it was "cold" haha she was not having the fact that we weren't willing to wear a coat. Haha so honestly, this is gonna be short because I forgot my planner and all the things in it contain the things that I did. 
So last week we had a zone activity and we played volleyball. I got super competative and ended up with these giant  bruises on my forearms. Talk about battle scars, pretty cool I guess.
On Tuesday I got to go to MLC and be with all leaders of the mission and Hermana Call went on exchanges. It was a pretty good day. 
On Friday it was Halloween but we had zone meeting and I had to do a training on inviting people to be baptized centering it on Christ. Not gonna lie, it was probably the best training I've ever given. Not a dry eye in the house. Well that's what I thought because I was looking through tearful eyes. haha it was a really good zone meeting though, we went over what we talked about in MLC about making sacrifices when it comes to the sacrament and the symbolism of it. I've totally been doing the sacrament wrong. I took the sacrament prepared yesterday and it made a huge difference. 
On Friday night we had to be in early at 7 so we would be safe and all that jazz. We watched this video that we can give out called "Solutions for a better family life" hey, I give this video an A+ for real. Contact your local missionaries for a copy. 
On Saturday we had a ward activity for Halloween. I did dress up. As much as you can as a missionary. I wore a hat and gloves and claimed myself a mime. Too bad everyone flippin thought I was a robber! Oh the HORROR! They didn't recognize my costume! Haha it was whatever. I just put it on last minute because my companion decided to be a barbie.... It was really fun and we were able to make some more friends in the ward. 
I'm so glad for daylight savings. We got to sleep in yesterday. Holla! It was great, we were so tired though. I also was so tired after eating (I kid you not) 10 papoosas yesterday because the member told us we couldn't leave unless we ate all the food. Here I am, always taking one for the team. 
I love being a missionary. It's the time of my life. I hope you all have a great week. Keep strong and carry on! LOVE YOU!
Hermana Groves

ps. everyone keeps asking me when my release date is. Feb 10. Now let's stop speakin about it. Gracias. 

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