Tuesday, November 11, 2014

so what's not broken?

April 15th, 2014

Oh my lanta. What a week this was!Haha but seriously. I better be recieving some major blessings this coming week! Haha where to begin... 
This month the Christlike attribute I'm working on is humility and more specifically, humility to church leaders and you know what? I was rockin it, I was doing really well until the big guy came along.. On Monday night we got a call from the Zone Leaders telling us that we were going to get our car taken away... On Tuesday, our area is temporarly a biking area. But that's not it either. Apparently we're the largest biking area in the mission, sweet..It really bummed me out because we already had appointments set for Tuesday night, a stacked night, too bad some of them were on opposite corners of our area. That's right, Tuesday night we booked it on our bikes 16 miles in about 25 minutes. We were dying. and then we had to ride 8 back to our apartment. Oh you think that's all do you? Well it turns out our cold water is also the only water functioning in our apartment. That's right, no hot water it's not even warm! So for the past 8 days we've only had cold water. Fear not, after the 2nd time showering in basically falling ice I boiled some pots of water and have been giving myself sponge baths. I'm disgusting. I'm fully aware haha. You gotta do what you gotta do. Don't even get me started on the kitchen floor that's leaking because of the broken water heater.. We step on it and water comes out of the cracks, so you know what that means, wet socks. Haha they're working on it as we speak so don't worry about it.  So there was all that. Plus P-day was hectic because we don't have a car and we needed to get our vacuum fixed and it was raining buckets, so on so forth. Hence me emailing today. 

The familia Calasar isn't getting baptised this week and it makes me bummed cause when I talked to president yesterday he told me that I'm probably getting transferred next week. So I finally have a golden family and don't know if I'll be able to see them be baptized. But we'll work it out, I'm basically adopted into the family. Haha the kids love me, the mom and grandma too. (Still gotta work on the dad.. but he'll come). We went to Mia Montanos first birthday party the other day and that was really fun! Most of the ward was there, also spanish people love blow up toys. Just so you know. Haha  Other than that my spanish is slowly but surely picking up. Oh and I cut 6 inches off my hair. Nothing completely crazy though. I don't have a whole lot more to share but I love you all and hope you have a good week! 

Hermana Groves 

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