Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How can you tell the difference between a gecko and a lizard? The lizard won't try to sell you car insurance. Haha

August 19th, 2014

Happy Mid-august! Hopefully all is well on your side of the world (wherever it may be) 
Let's see where the goods are this week.. Well this week was pretty average. Obviously I'm going to start with the weather report. HOT, HOT, HOT. Like sweat dripping down your legs hot (I say that because I never have experience that in my life before. And it happened here) but it has also been raining buckets. Also, not new here. 
This week we saw a recent convert named Millie in the singles branch and she told us that her Godson, was in a car accident, is in a coma, and has a 30% chance of living. This is a really hard thing for her considering that he lives in Alabama and it's not easy for her to get there. We were able to have a really great lesson on the Atonement of Christ with her and how everything works in the Lord's way and his timing. As we taught that lesson I was able to feel my testimony of Christ growing from her testimony. 
We had a really cool miracle happen. A few weeks ago this whole family showed up to church without an invitation from anyone or anything. They have come for the past 3 weeks, (they don't actually live in our ward boundaries though) and we stopped by to check up on them and they told us that they basically disected the church website/mormon.org and they knew all about how the Hymns are the same wherever you go, they ordered all the church magazines and get this, they were asking us about how the church rotates the times that church starts every year and they asked if the missionaries could come meet them. This family is so cool. After we got in the car, the member who came out with us was like "Why?! Why can't they be in OUR ward boundaries? and Who does that? Who orders the church magazines? We need to somehow get them in our ward". That's not where I'm going with that, but I just thought it was so cute how she wanted them to be in our ward. Haha 
The next day we were having dinner with a member and her grandmother was there. Get this, she only speaks Spanish. Guess who got to use her Spanish for a whole hour and a half during dinner. This guy. Dang am i rusty. haha but it was so nice to be able to put that to use!
Our neighbor Humberto and his sons: Christian and Gabriel have let us start to teach them, Gabriel is 14 and he is SO GOLDEN. The only problem that we're coming up against is that even though he wants to be baptized he's going back to CT to live with his mom in like a week. That puts a bump in the road, but he told us that he LOVED when we came over because we are answering questions that he's always had. 
On Friday I got to go on exchanges with the lovely Sister Cardus (All the way from Argentina aka Temple Square) and we had the best time together. My companion forgot my year mark and she didn't get to celebrate hers cause we were on exchanges so we got to spend our year mark together eating ice cream and getting lost and hanging out in the rain. Oh my lanta. I love her. We are soul sisters and I want to be her friend forever. That's that. Haha she cracks me up!
We had a YSA activity on Saturday it was a BBQ and fun at the park. Let's talk about awkward missionaries at a YSA activity. Okay done. Basically any time a guy comes up to us we have to almost kindly ignore them..? We can't encourage YSA's to have crushes on missionaries. Where's all the fun in that ;) haha jk. But the ladies in our ward have a love hate relationship with us. We're still working on it. 
Yesterday we taught our friend Gene again and he is just so close to accepting the gospel. I can't get over it. We watched the restoration video and what he said after it? "Man this movie relates so much to me and my life. I even had a dream with a light kinda like he saw, can I keep this movie?" so we tried to see how he could apply that and he just kinda avoided that whole situation. Haha
The elders handed us off this guy named DJ who's a YSA and he's a funny guy. I'm pretty sure he's in love with my companion. Haha. Anyways we taught him "Enduring to the end" all in football terms yesterday and it was a hoot. I was laughing so hard, Millie was participating and this was probably the most random lesson I ever had.
Today we went to the temple. Most needed thing ever. This transfer has been killin me. But I know it's where I'm needed right now. The temple is such a great place where I can just feel the love of the Lord for me. I'm glad that I have one so close that I can go to once a quarter (mission rules) haha but I just want ya'll to know I love you and I hope you have a great week. keep strong and carry on!
Hermana Groves 
here's a joke i shared yesterday with a member, I thought it was funny. I was the only one.
How can you tell the difference between a gecko and a lizard? The lizard won't try to sell you car insurance. Haha

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