Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Now I'm just a liar, cause I didn't kill anybody...

July 21st, 2014

Okay, so I'm not a killer. I actually got a call on Tuesday morning from one of the Assistants to the President saying that I was getting transferred. To answer all of your questions, I am still an English missionary. Can I just say.. what the? Haha I was definitely lead on by the AP who told me he heard my Spanish was great at the baptism but that now I'm getting transferred. That would lead you to think that I was going back to Spanish yeah? NOPE. Man, the Lord is testing me on something, so I better wise up before I forget all my Spanish. 

Anyways my new companion's name is Sister Winger, from Boise, ID. She's pretty cool, she doesn't really laugh at me though and you guys know that that just feeds my self esteem haha. But she's a sister training leader for our zone and all that fun stuff. I am in Clear Lake right now, don't know where that is? Dude, me either. haha I know that Pearland, League City, and Kemah are near but I don't even know where those are on the map. I do know that NASA is in one of our areas. Oh yeah, we're over 2 areas. The Clear Lake 2nd ward and get this, the Armond Bayou Singles Branch. But don't worry, no temptation there. haha our Branch covers this huge chunk of land, we even cover Galveston. I don't know where else, besides those places listed above.

 But the good thing about the singles branch is that it covers both English and Spanish branches so I get to use my Spanish (Sister Winger doesn't speak a lick) to try and get those YSA's from the other wards to come to the singles ward. We've been working a lot with the ward since I got here. We literally have a member out with us every day, we are teaching in member homes, the ward mission leader is amazing and the bishop too. This ward is very missionary minded and it's really awesome! Also twice a year, bishop buys like 50 tickets to The Astros Baseball games and if members of the ward invite a friend they can come. Guess who gets to go to an Astros game next week.. That's right. This guy. Haha honestly, I don't think the astros are very good (correct me baseball fans if I'm wrong) but either way, it'll be a fun experience to meet new people.

Saying goodbye to some of the people in Maplewood last week was really hard, because it was so unexpected, I didn't get to say goodbye to a lot of the people I taught, but saying goodbye to Sister Mitchell, a less active we've been teaching was really hard, I've been with her since the beginning of her recovery. So some tears were shed. The mission has really taught me the true meaning of love. I remember a quote from Elder Neil A. Anderson from a devotional I heard in the MTC and he said "You sacrifice the ones you love for the ones you love" or something along those lines. But that has really stood out to me as I've been on my mission, whether it's sacrificing family, friends or even people I've met on my mission. We all need growth, and sometimes love grows fonder with distance. I know that I've met the people I have for a reason, I know I'm here for a reason. Leaving those you love is hard, but as I grow, I know I'm becoming the kind of person that I want to be and with that many more people will be benefitted. So I want you all to know that I'm sacrificing for you. I love you and you are important to me. I hope you have a great week and that you are filled with the love of the Savior throughout your days. You are important. Remember to always keep strong and Carry on. Have a great week, I love you!
Hermana/Sister Groves

ps. If you all are going to talk to me about Tara's wedding I better be getting some pictures.. It's unfair for you to talk about a beautiful bride and not to show it off. That's everyone's assignment next week. Haha pictures of everything are always appreciated :)
ppss new address is:
707 El Dorado Blvd. #523
Houston, TX 77062

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